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Freelancers with experience hiring other freelancers needed

UX Designer
Budget £25.00
a month left
Open job

$25 / £25 for 30-minute research session

My name is Meg, I am the Product Manager here at Twine.

We are doing some research into how users hiring freelancers interact with our platform. This research will empower us to better understand user needs and make meaningful change.


  • Experience hiring consultants, external experts or freelancers
  • Available for 30-minute Zoom session
  • Consent have the session recorded
  • Consent to share screen during the session
  • Share both audio and video to a good quality via Zoom
  • Fluent English speaker

Please submit the form below and pitch to confirm.

Posted 3 days ago
A computers & electronics company based in Manchester, United Kingdom
Last online: 2 days ago

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