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Visual Effects Artist needed to composite 3D football stadium crowd into background of greenscreen footage.

3D Animator
23 days left
Open job

We are The Berry, a creative production company specialising in 3D, VFX and animation. Our work primarily consists of creating digital ads that incorporate a mixture of all these post production techniques mixed with live action.

We’re looking for a competent and artistic visual effects artist who is confident in compositing, 3D animation and rendering.

The brief:
To composite an entirely CG football crowd and stadium into the background of shot greenscreen footage featuring football players in the foreground.

*Just to note, this CG background will be entirely out of focus and blurred, so there won’t be any high detail needed.

Skills required:

  • Motion tracking / 3D camera tracking / match moving
  • Wire removal
  • Lighting and rendering 3D assets
  • Greenscreen / chroma keying
  • Crowd simulation

Full brief, storyboard and animatic will be sent on approval of your application.

Thanks, get in touch!

Example of CG background:

Posted 7 days ago
based in London, United Kingdom
Last online: 7 days ago

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