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Lookingglass Theatre Company: Sound Crew Cover role United States

Sound Engineer
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Sound Engineer is needed in United States.

Lookingglass Theatre Company is seeking a Sound Engineer. This job was crawled from the web.

Location: Chicago, IL, United States
Contract: Part-time

A member of the backstage crew and reporting to the Director of Production, the Sound Cover will learn the Sound Supervisor’s backstage track, including but not limited to preparing and executing all backstage and onstage sound needs, working with deck crew to implement sound related items within scenery and props, starting up and checking the sound system, assist with Clear Comm when needed, shut down the sound system after performances, and serve as the sound board operator during the performance of LTC’s production of Villette forselect performances.

The Sound Crew Cover will be enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and reliable member of the backstage team. They will work closely with actors, crew, and production staff to ensure the safe, smooth, and consistent running of all performances and to shepherd a production process that is focused on supportive, sustainable, and anti-racist practices.

Sound Crew Cover will be provided with a minimum of two training shifts prior to running a full track before an audience unaided, as well as with all the necessary paperwork and training on specialty items required for said track. Sound Crew Cover will be scheduled for running shows from March 31st, 2023 to April 16th, 2023. Details below.


  • Demonstrated sound experience of at least 1 year at collegiate or professional level.
  • Ability to ascend and descend stairs repeatedly.
  • Ability to move and transport up to 50 pounds by yourself or with additional help.
  • Intermediate sound system troubleshooting skills, including but not limited to cabling, equipment failure, clear-comm, MIDI, signal flow, and RF coordination.

In what capacity are you hiring?
On behalf of another company

Where are you in the hiring process?
I’m ready to make a paid hire

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No preference

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You contacted me

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Part of a larger ongoing project

For what period of time will the freelancer be needed?
Long term

What freelancer experience level is needed? (per hour)
Beginner: $10-25, Junior: $25-35

Posted 2 months ago
based in Manchester, United Kingdom
Last online: 6 days ago

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