Freelancer Toolkit

Remote Working during COVID-19
How to ride out the coronavirus outbreak

The COVID-19 crisis is making life difficult for freelancers and companies all over the world. So many people are remote working for the first time.

Over 550 people have helped pull together this guide:

Have remote working advice?

We want to crowd-source helpful advice for clients and freelancers during the COVID-19 crisis. This will cover tools, work processes, mental health, finding work, good news sources on COVID-19, and preparing for post-COVID-19.

We've made this micro-site which will house all the information. We want this to be a living guide, that changes as we learn more remote working and COVID-19.


Here's a list of the amazing people who have helped make this happen:

Joe Scarffe, Twine from UK
Leanne Buckley, Twine from UK
Meg White, Twine from UK
Sara Movahedi from Iran
Vladosaur from Serbia
Gustavo Corrêa from Brazil
Nicolai from Spain
Miranda from Taiwan
Mike Martelle, University of Arizona from USA
Corey bryan from UK
Rojena from India
James Lewis-Van Vorst, 29 Design Studio from USA
Koushik Kumar Roy from India
Joe Williams from USA
Laura Mures from Spain
Katrien Riks from Netherlands
Rob Hannant from UK
Raf Tad from Armenia
Hassan Riad from Qatar
Curt Jack from USA
George Stoll, Indigo Productions from USA
Alex Solano from USA
Andy Creed, Bullet from UK
Amit from India
Hemant pathak from India
Dan Virgillito, Shopify from Germany
Aneta Kernova from Czech Republic
Kathy Voerg from USA
Shadra Bruce from USA
Pax from Germany
Daniele Bulgaro from Italy
Deepak, IT Company from India
Istvan Lovas from UK
Sushil kumar sharma from India
Anke Knaack from USA
Desmond Alexander from USA
Anderson Bonates from Brazil
Macarena Cuevas from Chile
Miguel Angel Benitez Yanez from Venezuela
Aaditya Gaikwad Deshmukh from India
Alex Watson from UK
Holly Langley, Simply Commerce Group from UK
Fede Cook from Uruguay
Brett Fitzgerald from USA
Paul Duhig from UK
Joshua Mikula from USA
Mustakim Rahman from India
Shekhar Pandey from India
Jonattan Debur from Brazil
Christian Krupa from UK
Elliot Mosher, Olapic from USA
Augustino venust from Tanzania
Spyros Syrmos from Greece
from South Africa
Eugenio from Chile
vheatris from Mexico
Sahdev from India
Reginald Parks, MBA from USA
TAK Productions West from USA
Emily Gertenbach, owner, eg creative content from USA
Garrett Siegel from USA
MikeToon Studio from Denmark
Alberto Herrera from Mexico
Aibis Design from USA
AHLAM ABDUL AZIZ from Saudi Arabia
Christian Scalas from Italy
Allison Marsh from USA
joe, bearded fellows from UK
Chris, Siteimprove from USA
Lwazi Nkiwane, n/a from UK
Munender Yadav from India
SJee from France
Alexander Exner, Exner Digital GmbH from Germany
Colin Foo from UK
Ricks from Mexico
Lisa Howe, Marisa Peer from UK
Ashuru kumar from Bangladesh
Marshall P. Johnson, Booz Allen Hamilton from USA
Margaret Ashley from UK
Kumar Gaurav from India
Dereck Rivera from USA
Franklyn Zoe from Ghana
Umesh Kumar from India
Federico Poglio from Italy
Sushant Zala from India
KAT K from USA
Martin Gyorgievski from Germany
Gabriele Di Domenico from Italia
Tehsin N Kutchhi from India
Katherine Duncan-Welke from USA
Mippi from Unknown
Nelson from Portugal
João from Portugal
Milush Manimendra from Italy
John Todd from France
Deo from Philippines
Sarah Pena from Netherlands
Jasper Hesseling from Netherlands
Attila Horvath from Hungary
Dmitrij Milowanow from Poland
Karthik AGK from India
Joe Taucher from USA
Jorge Parra from Venezuela
Henry from Slovakia
Phil Goddard from UK
Joseph Maguire from USA
Selena Tabakovic from Serbia
Bianca DuVall, Logus Retail from Brazil
Raymond from Nigeria
Mit from India
Josh Trathen from UK
Warren Muzak from Canada
Alternate Cleff from United Arab Emirates
Youssef abbouchi from Lebanon
Jawwad from Bangladesh
Muhammad Umar Kashif from Pakistan
Argun from Turkey
Jason Swisher from USA
Marianne Kushfe from Chile
Kathy Green from USA
Matthew Augustin from USA
Russ Leach from UK
Romily Broad, from UK
Christopher Conniff from Spain
Virendra Raval from India
Anderson Oliveira from Brasil
Haider Shafique from Pakistan
Rob Noble design from UK
Joel Lounds from USA
Hyrum from Colombia
Pankaj Gupta from India
Jula Groz from Greece
Amit Kumar Roy from India
Nasrat from Afghanistan
Arnik from Finland
Julen Larrañaga Garcia from UK
Armen from Armenia
Ryan Brenner from USA
Crystal D'Esprit from UK
Johnson Frank from India
Mahmoud ABDELATTY from Egypt
Pablo R. from argentina
Angela Bovo from USA
Edvinas Mockus, Zaidime from Lithuania
Felix from UK
Konstantinos from Greece
Will Roberts from USA
Stephane from UK
Bashir from Nigeria
R.J. Vasquez from USA
Barrett Viator from USA
Teodora from UK
Jordan Campbell from USA
Max W from UK
Ferdi Cildiz from Turkey
Waqar Ahmad from Pakistan
Marina Barthelemy from Argentina
Stephen Pedroff from USA
Lisaly Guzmán from Dominican Republic
shahzad from Pakistan
Julesman from Malaysia
Nikola Nikita Jeremic from Serbia
Hanna from Ukraine
Chris Oliver, Adept from UK
Christopher D. Sims from USA
Ignacio Loza Coll from Argentina
Jake Blackman from USA
Alexandra Cardinale from USA
Gustavo Athayde from Brazil
Steve Fairclough from UK
CHristophe Hertecant from Belgium
Peter Caires from UK
Banamita Sarma from India
Ashok Kumar from India
MarkUp from Serbia
Afaq Ahmad from Pakistan
Hamza Meer from Pakistan
Matt Mahfuj from Bangladesh
Michelle lile from UK
Sandesh from India
Guille Llano from Spain
Kyle Rausch from USA
Chiko Caesar from Indonesia
Ysheel from Venezuela
Luiz Henrique Almeida from Brazil
Marwa Gouda from Egypt
Bojan Radovanovic from Serbia
Gabriele Rivoli from Italy
Christopher Nez from USA
Thaddeus Jordan from USA
Muhammad Khizer, Debit Collection from Saudi Arabia
DiamondKesawn from USA
Fery Wardiyanto from Indonesia
Ahmed Partey from Ghana
Dennis E. Towers from USA
H from DELHI
Syed Arrash Raghib from Pakistan
Manoj Bhargav from India
Daniel from UK
Tuba from Pakistan
Sunny Rajput from Pakistan
Sena Örücü from France
Juan Calero from Portugal
Abril Angeles from UK
Daisy Finetto from Nomad
Tanja from Serbia
Mariana from Argentina
Edwin BCK Magloire from Haiti
Mohammad sharif Hossain from Bangladesh
Carlos Parra Jr from Chile
Chris Doyle from USA
Fabian Rosenkranz from Germany
Muhammad Gulzar from Pakistan
Samuel Tovar from Venezuela
Dejan from Serbia
Andres Martinez from Trinidad and Tobago
Paul Brown from Mexico
Ali Ahsan, None from USA
Liz Drury from UK
Gregory Warren Blunt from USA
Andrea Zevallos from Peru
Subhabrata Paul, Naaksh Web Solutions Pvt Ltd from India
R Rokade from India
Daniel Garzon from Colombia
Marco Machado from Portugal
Gregg Valentine from USA
Andrey from Ukraine
Rohit Jha from India
Sevde from Germany
Ivan Sierra from Colombia
Kanak kant from India
shweta from India
Pixels&Paper from UK
Mohammad Ali Sharifpour from Iran
Sunil Lanjewar from India
Gabriel Onwubuchi from Nigeria
Hanzala Mughal from Pakistan
Yana from Russia
Nomi from Pakistan
Liz Milne from UK
Jim Pagiamtzis from Toronto
Alee_Graphics from Nigeria
Felipe Luna from Chile
Mayowa from South Africa
Mustafa Al Juaidi from Dubai
Aggie, Pi Supply from UK
Mark Smulian from UK
Fiona Bowden from New Zealand
Wacek Szymiczek from Poland
Belen Forastier from Argentina
devan from Canada
Aaron Cloutier from USA
Roger Francis Dsouza from India
Ranjit from India
Douglas Garnett from USA
from India
Alexandre Manzano from Brazil
leonardo sindlinger from Brazil
Musab Shakeel from Pakistan
Andreea from UK
Joe Mauro from USA
Josh H from USA
Edison Garcia from USA
Michael from France
Brielle from USA
Pranay from Georgia
Maja Bertole Jeras from Slovenia
Ian Rossenrode from UK
Claudia Miro from USA
moGRR from UK
Vablestudio from Indonesia
Victoria A. Riley from USA
Igor from Ukraine
Humda Mushtaq from Pakistan
Azizul Haque from Bangladesh
Alexandre Azevedo from Portugal
Rowland Akinduro from Austria
Sergio from Argentina
Stuart Josephson from UK
Inezwandita from Indonesia
DaLee, Cardacorp from USA
Beth Panday from India
Alma Manley, Roskilde Kommune (municipal) from Denmark
Danny Khoury from Lebanon
Faton Nuha from Kosovo
César Calderón Calvo from Costa Rica
Tony Tanner from UK
Mari from Poland
Matt Goodfellow from Canada
Alvie from Italy
Samuel from India
Sarah Cassady from USA
Grace C. Visconti from Canada
luca immesi from Italy
Romina De Rugerii from Venezuela
Lila Dagna Woszezenczuk from Argentina
Vincent De La Rosée from Sweden
Edith from UK
ujjwal kr roy from India
Ellie Mellor, Maybe* Tech from UK
TLC Memory Care from USA
Juan Pablo Lizarazo from Colombia
Bruno Corbo from USA
Mohamed Reda from Egypt
Olakanmi Oluwole from Nigeria
Nick Davis from UK
Sara Lage from UK
Mulyadi from Indonesia
Two Twine from Australia
Affaque Ahmed, XIFAQ from USA
Felipe from Colombia
Karim from Australia
Malena Catoni from Argentina
RAKOWER from Peru
Retta Laraway from Australia
Shanga Demar from Jamaica
Rain Annast from estonia
Sara from UK
Olivier Van Neste - Grapholix from Belgium
Niaz Ahmed from Pakistan
Timofiy Starenkov from Ukraine
Aliza Sheikh, None from Pakistan
Lachhan singh from India
Chris kirby, The multiplayer guys from UK
Timothy Dodds from Australia
Abhijit from India
Abhijeet Parab from India
Sue McLachlan from Australia
Alex from Colombia
Keisha Gabbidon from USA
Kelly Kantrowitz from USA
Tucson Freelancer from USA
dinesh from India
JSA, AF Hong kong from Hong Kong
Jubelectron from Canada
María Cortés from Spain
Shai Ulatan from Philippines
Nicole Berry from USA
María Alejandra Agüero from Venezuela
Chris from Austria
Udaykumar from India
Manoj kumar from India
Arkjun Yudistira from Indonesia
Iamcocodesign design from Germany
Rafael Braz from Brazil
Jun Pinzon from Philippines
Diana Go from Philippines
Neetu Lawania from India
JooiBooi from Indonesia
Pranav Sahu from India
Mr. Singh from India
suman yadav from India
Elvin Ho from Philippines
v from Indonesia
R. O. K. from Brazil
Syaiful Hq from Indonesia
Sachin from India
Nanako from Japan
Dimaz D'magan from Indonesia
Manoj Kumar from India
manoj kumar harmukh from India
Rohini Chakraborty from India
Nicandr Socov from Moldova
jayashri from India
Sahrial Ardians from Indonesia
Rafael Guerra from El Salvador
Nilesh from India
Aloysius Domnic, GravitasQ Stories from India
Angelo from Indonesia
Suraj Sachan from India
John Ali from Pakistan
Vijesh nair, Vili parle mbai from India
Prakash from India
Ashish from India
Jewelson Solis from Philippines
Eric Yonathan from Indonesia
Arif Tedja Mukti from Indonesia
Lexis Lisama from Philippines
Chirag Khatri from India
Klemen Jože Urbanc from Slovenija
Sunil from India
Muhammad Shahid Khan from Pakistan
Rashi Jain from India
Akshay Sharma, Webllisto technologies PVT LTD from India
Aksa siddique from India
Naveen Kumar D from India
Om Prakash Chand from India
Yusuf Motiwala, Omarsons and Co from India
Debbie from South Africa
Sadey Simeon from Nigeria
SHAHZAD ALI from India
Arslan Rafique from Pakistan
Shahwar Khan from India
Prashant Chauhan, ZERO9, ZERO9 from India
Yousuf Naser Shanto from Bangladesh
Nagaraju jada from India
Martin Kamau Chege, Hillcroft Technologies from Kenya
Somnath Kondhare from India
Motion Monks from India
mrdesigner from Iran
Felicity Hall from UK
Sunny kumar from India
Polly Botham from UK
Hardik Arora, Tech Opportunity Pvt Ltd from India
Digvijaysingh Rajput from India
Megha sharma from India
Alex Jackson from UK
peter j marsh from UK
David from Japan
Rishabh from India
Abhilash Kumar from India
Anita Crespell from Canada
Muhammad Saif from Pakistan
Fur Ball from Indonesia
Sameera Jayantha from Sri Lanka
Anthony Swords from Spain
Tracey Rickard from UK
Agit Akbulut from Turkey
Daniel Andor from Romania
Nelson from India
Santgyaneshwar from India
Vipin Mishra from India
Valentin Nogues from Poland
Lou Gray from Finland
Prameer Vidhate from India
Alisa from Denmark
Abhimanyu Tiwari from India
Bukola from Canada
Saunak Banerjee from India
Milan Kumar Mishra from India
Neil Haigh from UK
Richard van den Boogaard from Netherlands
vaseem ahamad from India
Artiom from Moldova
T.E. Yates from UK
Richard Lee from UK
Triston Brewer from Tirana
Kundan Kumar from India
Raheel Akhtar Malik from Pakistan
Michaela Brady from UK
Emma Otusajo from UK
Sam Staincliffe, Kids Represent from UK
Llewellyn Mukukura from Zimbabwe
Vivek Nerekar from India
Julie Hunter from Canada
Bharat from India
Sanjay Vaishnav from India
Riaan Marais from South Africa
Anastasia Teplova (Magicbelka production) from Germany
Avijit Ganguly from India
langgeng from indonesia
Veselin Dochev from Bulgaria
Margarita Yudina from Portugal
Herman Delgado from Portugal
Hannah McCreesh from UK
Nitish from India
javier marimon from Spain
Maria Sundara Raj from India
Peter Kellagher from UK
Karma from Nigeria
Asim Saeed from Pakistan
hafsa from Pakistan
Rakesh Solanki from India
Gaile, Integra Global Health from UK
Teezone05 from Bangladesh
Irfan Ahmad from Pakistan
Valentin from Russia
Dmitriy from Russia
Raghav from India
Shivam pandey from India
Jean-Joel Banbuck from UK
Ratul from India
GOPAL from India
Mahmoud from Egypt
Angelika from Ukraine
Kandis Rose from USA
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