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There are approximately 37 million people living with HIV-AIDS globally. One of the prohibitive factors to eradicating the disease is poor adherence to antiretrovirals (ARVs). Forgetfulness is a major reason HIV+ patients do not adhere to their treatment. It is difficult to remember to take medication daily, especially when a condition requires lifelong treatment. Key to managing the disease is finding simple, cost-effective and innovative approaches to increasing treatment adherence. My solution is a sticker that, when added to ARV packaging, nudges patients to remember to take their medication. Each day, patients take their pills, scratch off the day’s metallic coating and receive positive reinforcement when a ‘tick’ is revealed, indicating that day’s medication has been taken. In addition to providing positive reinforcement, patients are also able to see, at a glance, whether or not they have taken their medication on any given day. The sticker can also be applied to other chronic daily medications such as those used to treat tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes, depression and many more. Project Scope Research and Concept Development Application (sticker design, brand identity, web design & development) Accolades Shortlist: Dundeed Challenge Winner: Varley Memorial Award Clinton Global Initiative University Commitment to Action Legal UK Registered Design No: 6079657 Design Patent Pending: USA 29/718,763 Design Registration Pending: ZAA2019/01736, ZAF2019/01740 #photo #logo #graphicdesigner #branding #illustrator #designer #webdesigner