How To 10x Your Sleep Performance With Eight Sleep CEO Matteo Franceschetti

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There are three pillars of health: Nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Arguably, sleep is the most foundational of the three because eating well and moving your body can only be effective when you are well-rested. Leading the sleep-tech charge is Eight Sleep, a company specializing in smart mattresses. CEO Matteo Franceschetti joins us to shed light on the business and the importance of sleep more generally. 00:00​ - How Matteo Franceschetti found Eight Sleep 00:33​- Matteo's Other companies 01:05​ - How Matteo makes the world a better place 01:35​ - How Matteo leveraged his experience as an athlete 02:05​ - Core products of Eight Sleep 02:18​ - What Eight Sleep Does 03:17​ - How Not Sleeping can Kill 04:37​ - Matteo's Sleep Routine 05:57​ - How to Shower Right before Sleeping 06:24​ - How to Improve your Sleep Score 07:05​ - How Eight Sleep makes money 08:00​ - Eight Sleep's Achievements 08:15​ - Moving to Miami 10:15​ - Matteo's Diet and Nutrition Habits 11:44​ - Eight Sleep's Customer Acquisition 12:55​ - How To Learn More about Sleep 13:41​ - Other Tools that Helped Matteo 14:44​ - Wife as your Business Partner 17:08​ - Books Matteo recommends 17:31​ - Most Compelling thing Matteo read recently 18:20​ - Find Matteo Franceschetti Online

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