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I am a back-end and front-end full-stack developer with a successful track record of bringing conceptual ideas to fully functional applications. Awarded the degree of Bachelor's in computer science at the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The approach I try to take is to really understand what your product manager or consumer want and iron out the most basic functionality first, get it to a point where they can look at it, critique it and give you feedback. In the remaining time you have, that's where you get to the interesting and fun work of polishing the experience. Proficient in both front end and back end frameworks along with relational / non-relational databases. Laravel, HTML/CSS, Javascript (ES5 / ES6, Typescript, AngularJS, jQuery, Ionic, React, React Native, Redux), Node.js (Express), Python (Flask, Django), SQL (MSSQL, SQLite and Postgres), noSQL (DynamoDB, mongoDB, Firebase, CouchDB, RealmDB), and Java (Android). Well versed in API integration and payment processing. Previous experiences include Uber, Google Maps, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, and Stripe. If you are looking for a complete end to end services, I can readily deploy across AWS (EC2 / Elastic Beanstalk / Lambda / RDS), Heroku, WordPress, cPanel, or any other platforms / VPS of your choice. Sufficient experience in setting up both Nginx and Apache2. Of course, I am an expert at React and React Native and I have also successfully deployed mobile apps on both the Play Store and App Store. I like the freelance job, Even when I find my self with a heavy workload, I find it very easy to stay motivated and stay engaged in the work that I do because I believe that it does have a really positive impact. So to me, that's kind of a sign that this is the right path for me.WWWW
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