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Why use Twine Enterprise

Expand your black book.

Access a global network of 430,000 across creative, digital and marketing. Benefit from our internal vetting process, and prioritize freelancers handpicked your dedicated Customer Success Manager. From junior to expert level, we've got you covered. See what services our freelancers provide.

Reduce costs.

Make 100s of simultaneous hires and:

  • Significantly reduce your costs using global talent without sacrificing quality
  • Save over 60% compared to average recruiter fees with our 5% commission fee
  • Save your time as hiring on Twine can take as little as 1 hour not 30 days

Mass global payments.

Hire freelancers globally for remotely work, or hire locally for in-house projects. Pay 100s of global freelancers at scale on Twine without the complexity associated with other solutions.

This enables you to provide services anywhere in the world with our robust, yet flexible, workforce planning solution.

Teams and Project Management.

Our Client Success Managers will help you build teams, not just source individuals. We project manage with complex requirements: manage stakeholders, oversee freelancers, build processes, and ensure quality on delivery of your project.

Case Study: How our Client Success team built a diverse team of over 1,000 freelancers created over 50,000 videos for a global AI project.

Case Study

A client came to us with a problem. They needed a diverse set of 1000s of creative freelancers to build a database of 50,000 videos. They needed creative people to make unique content in a standardized format. The mass scale project was helping an AI company develop higher quality algorithms that learn to convincingly analyze human movements. Read more.

AI & Large Dataset Projects

With a global community of over 400,000 freelancers, Twine is experienced in providing specialised audio and video datasets for machine learning and AI research projects. Datasets are fully custom, flexible, and managed by us, with each actor or presenter individually vetted to ensure quality for your project. Read more.

How it works

1 Get in touch: send across your details here.

2 Project mapping: initial discussion with your Client Success Manager.

3 Project proposal: formal agreement of the project.

4 Project management: vetting, curating, processes and delivery.

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