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About Us

Empowering all creators

Twine is a platform that helps companies hire quality freelancers from our network of 250,000 in creative, digital and marketing.

Companies need freelancers to grow their business but they struggle to find quality. Twine handpicks the best freelancers for a job by matching over 10 criteria including experience, location and style of work. This saves companies time and money, whilst ensuring a quality result.

Our mission is to empower creators, whether companies or freelancers, by creating a billion dollars of value.

Our Team

Our team are passionate about empowering creators. Meet the team here.

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Our Values

We’re adventurous, bold and part of something bigger. We work together and make sure we’re always improving. We know our community, and our community knows us. We’re curious, fun and give great customer support. We never over complicate things. We’re here for the tough times and we fight your corner. With us, the glass is always half-full.

These are our values. Welcome to Twine.

Our History

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Our Vision

In 2020, 40% of the US workforce will freelance and by mid-2030, 30% of jobs will be automatable due to AI and machine learning.

Company budgets will move to jobs in research, creativity, strategy and marketing. More of the workforce will freelance to fulfil this new demand as most jobs are not geographically constrained.

There has to be a monumental change in the workforce. This is one of the biggest challenges of our time. But also one of the biggest opportunities.

The solution will be a step change in the way companies embrace freelancing by accepting globalisation of the workforce and remote working. And that the freelance market expands and learns the skills required after the impending automation revolution.

We believe the only way this change will happen is with an authentic freelance network of quality, not driven by price as a race to the bottom. We want this opportunity to enable people to make their work their passion.

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