Widen your perspective.
Hire diverse freelancers.

Building diverse teams is more important than ever.

Use Twine to connect with freelancers from backgrounds and with lived experience under-represented within your organisation.

Diversify your hiring process with a global platform developed to promote diversity and inclusivity.
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Diversify your hiring process

Providing you with tools to improve your freelance hiring process

Hire diverse

Build a more diverse team of freelancers to beat your competition.
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Why diversity matters

Cater globally

Gain the perspective of your potential consumer by hiring creators directly from your target market or audience.

Expand skillsets

Harness the talent, ingenuity and inventiveness that a diverse team can bring to the table.

Boost innovation

Diverse teams foster an environment where “outside the box” ideas are heard, and diverse  contributors understand the unmet needs in under-leveraged markets.

Enhance desirability

Highly skilled individuals can afford to be choosy, inclusive work-places win the best talent.

Be the change

Too often success is defined by who you know, rather than what you know. Making your hiring inclusive and maintaining a diverse team directly tackles racism and prejudice.

Diverse companies win

The greater the representation, the higher the likelihood of out-performance.