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"A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone."
-Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

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The global network of our remote freelancers can help reduce costs. Or, if you have a requirement for freelancers in a specific country or city, Twine can help you. Video work, acting or in-house freelancers.
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"Working with freelancers on Twine streamlined our process and helped find international talent we wouldn't have found otherwise"
- Jamie Omatic, USA

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A platform taking a different approach by empowering freelancers


Post a project or job with no upfront cost. Twine's success based pricing is cheaper than any recruiters.


All Twine's freelancers have a portfolio to make it quicker to find the perfect person to match your needs.


Twine's Enterprise service can help with large complex projects or more specific requirements.
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"Working with Twine enabled us to scale projects quicker than before and the Twine Business makes it so easy to manage and pay contractors over the world."
-Josh Bolland
CEO, J B Cole
"I found an amazing designer and she's fast. I  now send her my ideas and she transforms them into great design. The collaboration is fast, professional and easy. It feels like she is already part of our team."
-Achim Kohli
CEO, Legal-i
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