How much does Twine cost?

Pay as you go


Free to post a freelance job.

No upfront cost, just post up your job requirements and hand-picked freelancers will contact you with their rates.


20% commission.

Twine's fee is only charged on completion of each job. Pay nothing until the freelancer starts working.

Are you an agency or large company?

If you spend more than $5,000 per month on freelancers, you should look at Twine Enterprise. It gives you a dedicated Client Success Manager who will give expert advice on what you might need, how much it should cost and help with faster turnarounds. It’s a significantly lower commission rate than recruiters at 4-5% and it’s designed for scale, so you can hire multiple freelancers for large projects.

Frequently asked questions

How much will my job cost?

The cost of each job will vary depending on the type of freelancer you need or the project specification.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal. For Twine Enterprise you can pay by wire transfer, SEPA or Faster Payments (UK)

What are the typical rates for freelancers?

Rates will vary depending on the experience level you need. This is not a definitive list but here are the ranges, from junior to expert, that you would expect for a day’s work (7-8 hours):

Graphic designer: $150-750
Web developer: $200-1000
Web developer: $200-1000
UX designer: $200-1000
Videographer: $200-1000
Animator: $150-1000
Digital Marketer: $150-750
Illustrator: $150-1000
Copywriter: $150-750
Music producer: $150-500
Mixing engineer: $150-500

Read more about how much a freelancer costs here.

Can you hire a freelancer on a day rate or hourly rate?

Yes, you can hire a freelancer on hourly or day rates. You will need to agree that rate with the freelancer beforehand. If you have any weekly limits on hours they can work, you can set that.

We will then bill you on a weekly basis once a freelancer completes a timesheet, which you approve. If you do not approve the timesheet, the Twine team is here to help.

Do I have to pay anything upfront?

There is no upfront cost for the standard Twine product. It costs nothing to post up a job . When you accept a freelancer to work with, you will pay an agreed deposit with the them, which is a percentage of the project total.

How quickly can I hire someone?

For popular projects like logos, simple graphic design and music production you can expect freelancers to pitch in within 24 hours. For higher demand roles, like developers or UX designers, it may take over 24 hours before freelancers start contacting you.

Twine Enterprise is a great way to save time, if you have urgent requirements.

What if the project does not work out?

If your freelancer has not started the work, we will refund the whole deposit payment. If the freelancer has completed the project and fulfilled the specification you agreed upon when you hired them, we would expect you to pay the full amount. If the project is partially completed, we would recommend that you come to an agreement with your freelancer on how much to pay, depending on the amount of work they have done. If there are any issues, the Twine team are here to help.

How do deposits work?

When you agree to work with a freelancer and hire them, you will need to pay the pre-agreed deposit, which is at 50 or 80% of the project total. Twine holds on to this deposit and only releases it to the freelancer along with the final payment, once the job is completed and you have approved the work.

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