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This Plan Includes:
Dedicated Project Manager
Vetted participant onboarding
Mass global payouts
Ethical collection practices
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This Plan Includes:
Dedicated Project Manager
Vetted participant onboarding
Mass global payouts
Ethical collection practices
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Benefits of

Six benefits of working with Twine AI

Skilled + Unskilled

If you need skilled participants with high quality audio recording or video production we can help, or with large volumes of unskilled data collectors.

Speed + Scale

Harness Twine’s established global community of over 400,000 freelancers from 190+ countries to scale your dataset collection quickly.

Tagging + Labelling

Ensure you get the most from your data context added. We have systems to record, annotate and verify custom video datasets at an order of magnitude lower cost than existing methods.

Project Manager

Have your data collection project run by an experienced  Project Manager who can ensure all participants are following instructions and work with you to improve the collection process.

Diverse pool

Our community spans 190+ countries and our contributors can be domain-specific and multilingual.


We take away the headache of paying participants from all over the world with our integrated payment solution.

Here's what you get whichever plan you pick


Project Planning

Establish priorities and define deliverables with your Twine Project Manager. They'll work to develop a custom solution to meet your project objectives and timeline.


We vet and onboard collectors of your preferred demographics, set them the collection task, and pay them securely once you've approved.


Training data is packaged and formatted to your specification, then shared for your final approval.

Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
Where does the data come from?

Our pool of participants comes from our established network of freelancers. Contributors can work in pairs and submit unique content batches for each new project.

What is ethical data collection?

By securing clear and informed consent from participants for use of their data, and giving insight into how this data might be used, we ensure ethical data collection.

What are the payment terms?

We work with clients on a rolling monthly basis. Payment schedules are agreed upon once timelines are established for the dataset provision.

What can I expect from my Project Manager?

Our experienced team takes your project specifications and creates custom procedures designed to maximise success. Your Project Manager is responsible for running the project: the vetting and consenting participants, detailing instructions for data collection, and use of metadata.

They will be your point person for updates and the achievement of milestones.

What types of datasets can you provide?

We specialize in datasets in the audio and video space. We have a particular sub-speciality when people the subjects of the data, such as voice, movement biometrics, facial recognition, sentiment analysis, deep fake analysis, real world video object recognition and more.

Do you have example datasets?

Not yet but watch this space for more soon! We do have our collation of over 100 voice and visual open datasets.

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Ethical datasets made easy

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Datasets for speech recognition
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Audio scene analysis
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Single person or multi-person conversation content
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Multi-language capabilities
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Datasets for object tracking or detection
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Human action recognition and biometics
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Human facial recognition
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Drone video datasets
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Video Datasets vs Audio Datasets

Twine specializes in providing audio and video datasets via our global community of creative freelancers for machine learning and AI research projects.

But you might be wondering - Should I be building a video or audio dataset? And what types of projects best suit each type of data?

The types of video data that AI researchers gather vary from video datasets for tracking, video datasets for object detection or even video datasets of humans performing a variety of actions.
Datasets in specific environments can also be arranged, including indoor video datasets or outdoor video datasets and we can even arrange for specific clothing or costumes to be provided. As well as object recognition and facial recognition datasets, Twine can also provide drone video datasets on request.

In terms of audio datasets, speech recognition and audio scene analysis are the most common requests we receive. However, recordings can also be collected to form datasets of online conversations for training AI.

Audio datasets can also be arranged in specific languages; e.g. an audio dataset of American English or Portuguese Brazilian.

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