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What is Twine AI?

Twine is a global platform for freelancers with expertise in creative, marketing and development areas to find work. To support our growing community, we also provide gig work job opportunities for clients that require large datasets.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have become pervasive across all industries. The need for data to train such systems is growing.

Being part of the Twine AI collector community means contributing to the advancements of AI by providing images, videos, and audio of unique content. This content is specifically designed for the client and is unique to the needs of their dataset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
Do I have to start work immediately after signing up?
Join our community to be notified of new projects you're suitable for. All project participation is voluntary so you're free to work when you want.
Can I participate in all projects?
Project suitability is based on collector demographics; such as gender, ethnicity, and location.
How much can I expect to be paid?
Payment depends on the complexity and length of the ongoing project. Projects vary from $1 to over $1,000 depending on how long the tasks take.
What is the typical length of a project?
Project length can vary from project to project. Short projects may involve a single task that can be completed within 10 minutes. Long-term projects may involve many simple tasks over a few months.
What is the content used for?
Companies developing AI or Machine Learning do it with the help of large datasets. We are helping them build audio and visual datasets. The content needed depends on the nature of the AI application. But, some incredible applications have been created with AI, from better techniques to spot diseases to improved security with eye retina scanning.
What kind of content might I need to produce?
Requirements vary depending on the project specifications. For example:

- photographing faces or specific items commonly found

- capturing basic activities or answering simple questions in a variety of environments

- recording simple conversations, short sentences or speaking in different languages
Headshot photos of example portfolios
Example of an active campaign
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Drone video datasets
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