Video datasets to train better machine learning models.

With our community of 400,000+ skilled professionals, we can provide both long-range biometrics, facial biometrics services, and many more vision categories.
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Biometric datasets

For long-range biometric video datasets, we work with participants at long distances from the camera. This can be included in motion detection and action datasets.

For facial biometric video datasets, we work with participants at close distances to the camera. This can be included in facial recognition and emotion recognition datasets.
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Human cloud

Our community of freelancers provides us with an unparalleled global resource for talent.

Participants from a variety of backgrounds, languages, dialects, and cultures can assist in creating a suitable video dataset for you.

Our crowd of participants can also collect videos and images of objects, traffic, vehicles, buildings, infrastructure, and more.
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Benefits of

Six benefits of working with Twine AI

Skilled + Unskilled

If you need skilled participants with high quality video recording or production skills we can help, or with large volumes of unskilled data collector participants.

Speed + Scale

Harness Twine’s established global community of over 400,000 freelancers from 190+ countries to scale your dataset collection quickly.
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Tagging + Labelling

Ensure you get the most from your data context added. We have systems to record, annotate and verify custom video datasets at an order of magnitude lower cost than existing methods.

Project Manager

Have your data collection project run by an experienced  Project Manager who can ensure all participants are following instructions and work with you to improve the collection process.
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Diverse pool

Our community spans 190+ countries and our contributors can be domain-specific and multilingual.


We take away the headache of paying participants from all over the world with our integrated payment solution.

Here’s the steps to start working together


Project Planning

Establish priorities and define deliverables with your Twine Project Manager. They'll work to develop a custom solution to meet your project objectives and timeline.


We vet and onboard collectors of your preferred demographics, set them the collection task, and pay them securely once you've approved.


Training data is packaged and formatted to your specification, then shared for your final approval.
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How do I find out more about Twine AI?

Other kinds of data we provide:

Speech data:
We can create speech datasets across a wide range of demographics including gender, language, location, dialect, accent, and age. We can also create speech datasets using professional voice actors who have their own recording studios. If you’d like to use our transcription services, we can convert speech to text in order to train your ML models. Learn more.

Vision data:

We can work with long-range biometrics, meaning we create video datasets with participants at long distances from the camera. This can be across a wide range of demographics including gender, ethnicity, age, and body size. Alternatively, we can look at facial biometrics by working with participants at a close range. Whilst creating these types of video datasets, the demographics we can look at include gender, ethnicity, age, and facial distinctions (eye colour, glasses, etc).

Learn more about Twine AI and the other services we provide here.

Our other AI resources:

We like to keep our audience well informed on everything regarding data. Our Twine Blog has its own AI category, and within it, we have listicles of the highest-quality, open-sourced datasets out there right now. We have an article on 100+ Open Audio and Video Datasets, 100+ Speech Datasets, and listicles of datasets in almost every language you can think of!

We also have an AI Newsletter, which we send out to our AI/ML audience, providing them with the latest industry news.

Want to be in the loop on LinkedIn? Check out our Twine AI LinkedIn page, where we post our latest dataset listicles, and other exciting articles + media from the AI/ML space.
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Need to build datasets?

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Datasets for speech recognition
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Audio scene analysis
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Single person or multi-person conversation content
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Multi-language capabilities
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Datasets for object tracking or detection
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Human action recognition and biometics
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Human facial recognition
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Drone video datasets
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