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Arabic Blue
My name is James Homer, I am currently a student filmmaker with a background in professional videography and photography work. I am a writer and a di...

Posted 17 hours ago
 Ilford, United Kingdom
Looking for:

Live location tracking basic app
. I have a basic project i would like to develope . A live location tracking application. Where 2 devices show each other their locations. Not for bus...

Posted 20 hours ago
 Karachi, Pakistan
Looking for:
Music Composer

Baby It's Cold Outside
I would love for the song to have a unique pizzaz to it, but still holding onto it's original taste. What I mean is that I would love for someone to c...

Posted 20 hours ago
Brandon Crute
 Indianapolis, United States
Looking for:

Brand Collection design
Hey good evening ! Would love your help on a design project I'm working on for my brand. I need detailed drawings of robot anatomy in a skeletal form ...

Posted 23 hours ago
Chuka Okonjo
 London, United Kingdom

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