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Music Composer
Budget $83.33
What is the project, and what do you want to achieve with it? To make an album song, just for passion What is your role within the organisation, or is this a person project? Personal What are the three top priorities for this project? Career break Do you have a deadline? No Are there reference mat
Posted 14 days agoExpires in 15 days
His Wine I Held
Music Composer
Budget $75.00
Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Claudia Córdoba, I am a pastor in East Palo Alto, and I am a Missionary pastor to Asia and Africa. What's the project, and what do you need from a freelancer? Out of the concept of Clay Jars and chosen vessels in the Bible I wrote this poem which I hope
Posted a month agoExpires in 2 days
Mother Mosul.
Music Composer
Budget Negotiable
I’ve written a poem called Mother Mosul. It is a duet. A mother who lived through the horror of the ISIS occupation of Mosul, and the subsequent violent liberation by western and Iraqi forces explains to her child the unimaginable nightmare she lived through. However the poem ends on a positive note
Posted a month agoExpires in a month