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Need Songwriter, singer, composer, director for music video. I would act and we all will share profits. Theme - Love song. Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration? No payment, only collaboration and share profits Do you need to hire for a specific city, country or place? Mixed,
Posted 2 days agoExpires in a month
Hi, Have some very good songs I would like to release. One song in particular is a rock song that requires a strong tenor. I would like to record it and make a music video. The music is done and recorded. Just need lead and harmony vocals. I would be interested in one time pay for hire or possibly
Posted 8 days agoExpires in 21 days
Music Producer
I’m a reggaeton rapper looking for a producer that understands Latin music and helps me create hits. I’m a musician,singer,rapper so I’ll also help out making the music. I just can’t produced well so I’m looking for a professional producer Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration? No p
Posted 12 days agoExpires in 18 days
Recently I wrote my song "Investigation Held by Kolobki 2021", a cover of the OST from a Soviet detective cartoon "Investigation Held by Kolobki" (Следствие ведут Колобки). I have a piano sheet that I made with service. I would like to make the melody from this cartoon viral. By the way, bac
Posted 14 days agoExpires in 16 days