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I need a short and funny Korean StarCraft video made from my two and a half hour video
Video Editor
Budget $83.33
I really love Korean culture and I want to branch out my streaming repertoire to include some of my cherished Korean fans. I'm even considering taking Korean language classes. I recently had a very funny StarCraft stream in which I used a system that automatically translated what I said from English
Posted 9 days agoExpires in 4 days
Video Editor
Budget $27.50
Who are you, and what do you do? A Malaysia based client wants a short video What's the project, and what do you need from a freelancer? I want 4k video shoots taken of small businesses in Chennai with an anchor When do you need you project delivered? 6 months Can you provide examples of your pre
Posted 13 days agoExpires in 17 days
Video Editor
Budget Negotiable
I m Prem executive producer, and we are making an independent movie? It's an Independent Movie and we want video editor to finish the job asap. Maximum 15 Days Twilight Saga In what capacity are you hiring? As an individual for a personal project Where are you in the hiring process? I'm ready t
Posted 18 days agoExpires in 12 days