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Gift; Children's Book-style Illustrations
Budget $25.00
I'd like to gift my partner of a series of illustrations in the style of a children's book depicting her experiences as an elementary school teacher. It can be 5-6 drawings, in a style that the illustrator is comfortable with drawing. I just want it to look cute. I can describe the scenes (stories s
Posted 22 days agoExpires in 18 days
Budget Negotiable
I need a poster designed for a 1-man show about an 11 year old boy (Nathan) with mental health issues in a boys boarding school in the 1960s. The designer and illustrator would need to empathetic to Nathan to depict him. Nathan is anxious, awkward, weak, slightly unkempt and does not relate we
Posted a month agoExpires in a day
Company mascot
Budget Negotiable
We are an after sales electronics services and repairs agent for major TV, audio and visual manufacturers in South Africa. We are looking to create a character that will become the face of the company, used in all our communications to clients. The concept we are trying to communicate is fast, e
Posted a month agoExpires in a month