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Downtown city scene in line art or similar style
Budget Negotiable
Hello, My name is Jacob, I am looking to hire an illustrator.  SCOPE:  This will be a one time job (though there is possibility of approx 10 similar jobs within the next few weeks/months).  TIMELINE FOR COMPLETION:  There is flexibility but target deadline is 6/10/21. STYLE:   A clean style; sa
Posted 15 days agoExpires in a day
Book Cover (illustration)
Budget $104.16
*Hi my name is irma i want make a poem book for my self. so i want to hire a illustrator to create cover illustration for my book. i love both colourful and cute illustration that makes me feel proud to have this book maybe something like alice in wonderland or vintage with floral frame. This boo
Posted 16 days agoExpires in a day
3D Animation/Characterizations
Budget $85.00
I like your work. This is for an Animated family movie . I need a Movie Poster made;10 characters need to be drawn from Photos. I will try to get all the players on one file. Here is the Query Letter to give you an idea. Tractor Country Animated Feature Dear Agent/Producer, I am of the opinion that
Posted a month agoExpires in 13 days
I need an illustrator to work with me within 2 hours for an assignment
Budget $33.33
I need to design a rating profile for an assignment. The assignment is due in 2hrs so I need someone who works quickly In what capacity are you hiring? As an individual for a personal project Where are you in the hiring process? I'm ready to make a paid hire Would you like to state a preference
Posted a month agoExpires in 6 days
Design a Folk Art-inspired Logo for our Band
Budget $250.00
Hello- I am a musician who is looking for an illustrator/designer who can create our band logo. We would like a illustrated logo that can be reproduced easily for print, web, and animation. LOGO DESIGN: We would like our logo to look like folk art. See the fraktur reference below. We envision ou
Posted a month agoExpires in a month