Axwai Beat Battle 2: 8 Cee vs. Georges Leuck

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XY BB 2 : 6 Beatmakers compete for a spot in the final event, with the chance of becoming the second Axwai Beat Batlle winner, and receiving a 500 euro voucher at a local music store As with the first Battle, we decided to give the opponents an interview, a chance to meet up at a professional recording studio (Bamhaus ) and a resulting video promoting the whole event. Rules : The Beatmakers received a Sample Pack with 16 samples straight from our personal vinyl stash. Use at least 1 Sample Outside Samples, Synths, Scratches allowed No accapellas Send beat to at given date The judges sat together and listened to the Beats live, gave their impressions and final verdict. In this second of three 1vs1 Battles, we have 8 Cee vsGeorge Leuck. This video seeks to capture and promote the people involved and the event as a whole. The Final will be held live, date to be announced. Axwai is an organisation based in Luxembourg. We promote young upcoming artists (mainly Hip Hop), organise live events, aswell as give local workshops. Our first Beat Battle (February 2015- July 2015) was for the most part, Internet based. The Beatmakers received samples and rules from us online, and had to send in their Beat at a certain date. Along the way, we decided to make some short videos, introducing the Beatmakers. Links : Axwai Soundcloud Bamhaus Bibi La Brute Corbi, D eLäb #BeatBattle