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I have been on Media Industry since 1992 having been a cameraman, sound & lighting as well as postproduction Linear & non-linear editing. I have work with many directors, producers in wide variety of video production. From Music video, TV entertainment shows, Karaoke video, Corporate video, News & current affairs, construction video, fashion shows, event coverage, TV commercials, TV Dramas. I am able to understand the needs & requirement from the beginning stage of a video filming on the set, then till editing off-line to on-line, final sound mixing till the whole video production project is completed. Travelling form country to country, I am able to understand the culture of each country & transform them into motion picture & sound for audience to see.   From year 2000, I have been with the BBC, travelling to many countries, from earthquake, tsunami, Pakistan bombing. I was there to understand film & edit & finally broadcast the BBC’s feature stories to the world. I have also been involve in TV some full hour long documentary from working with directors from beginning stage till editing in final post production. I also do directing in my own music video, having pictures all set in my mind & then storytelling to cameramen, actors. Seeing shots piece to piece link together, makes me feel energetic to go through the tough process till the story telling video presentation to the audiences. I have also keen interest in photography that also helps me in artistic way in telling stories either in still picture or motion picture. I have also pick up Steadicam (stabilizer with camera mount on a pole with operator wearing a vest with attachment of a spring arm) since 1999. I also own a set of the brand: Glidecam video camera stabilizer system & have deep understanding of the art of steadicam skills whether if it is missionary, Don Juan walking. I am able to execute the stable camera shots, flying through spaces to create super smooth shoots. And I went for Steadicam official course training by the masters. Whether is audio or video, I have keen interest & understand them well like setting up a home theatre, connecting audio video cables, till fine tuning to make the video & audio in its best mode & quality.