Chris Parker - Update #SelfMadeGlory

Published by Christopher Parker

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Chris Parker - Update Lyrics: [Verse:] We haven't spoke in six months You see me rolling up blunts You see this drank in my cup You think I'm caught in this mess Before you judge you should just wish me the best I know it's all for success The people, the liquor, the drugs, the clubs, the money, the drama, I promise I won't self destruct I'll just adjust I know I'm not like rest I know myself is to blame Just look how far that I've came You know I'm with so and so who I refuse to name I keep them hoes entertained Not enough beat to explain You see the squad never changed Just a few words been exchanged Just a few chicks been exchanged Priorities rearranged Trap niggaz free from them chains You say these niggaz influenced me/ You swear them bitches have ruined me/ You still upset about you and me You went from boo to boo-hoo'ing me You see a missed opportunity Cut the bs like a truancy Now when I walk in- no who is he- bitch I'ma God Aye man- I don't know a man going this hard in my city- now every head nod #audio #Hiphop #Rap #music