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Long story short,
I’m a fan of creation, I love entertaining the ear putting a bunch of random sounds together, I love writing and everything that has to involve with music.
Music is my life and will work with almost anyone who is creative and wants nothing but to accomplish a dream.
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Now my story:

With the Rhythms of

Electronic/Dance/Hip-Hop/Pop and Spanish sounds,

A hint of catchy Hooks and Melodies #ElReyDeLaDisco Creates #FilthIEMusic

Growing up in the Inland Empire (Moreno Valley) At 10 years old, Music made a huge impact on FilthIE A$$ Monster aka. El Rey De La Disco, Discovering different forms of creating live music and specificly being interested in playing a trombone at first (1994) is what sparked his curiosity, It started when his Elementary school had an assembly concerning joining band class, The music instructor choose a variety of instruments from a tuba to saxophones, trumpets and a trombone, In which he played the main theme song all kids lead to his first “keyboard”, After a small time of mimicking his favorite songs he then discovered programs like FL Studio, It was then when he grew into Producing, Composing and Writing , In 2009 FilthIE was part of a duo that went by Los Royales, The catchy spanish urban music created by the duo was influenced by reggaeton which played a part in what is now #FilthIEMusic,

Now after more than 10 years of experience and experimenting FilthIE A$$ Monster a.k.a (F.A.M) a.k.a “EL REY DE LA DISCO” is defined as The new dance culture everyone has been waiting for, A Song Writer with an Original Sound to change the world with his combinations of Spanish and English sounds, #FilthIEMusic is for everyone who loves catchy creative composed music to vibe out and get FilthIE to and enjoy, Or better yet described by him, for all of his #BassFreaks FilthIE (F.A.M) is also one of two members duo with Artist Let.IE Rock introduced as Vodka Killers (#VodkaKillers) wether you’re looking for a new sound to rage and get FilthIE to or you wanna listen to some creative writing and composing, FilthIE has the right producing and song writing skills for your entertainment, You’ve come to the right place,

Are you a #BassFreak? Show your support and likings of his music, Share the love and passion FilthIE has for music with others and help be a part of #FilthIEMusic movement,

HASH TAGS #BassFreak #BassFreaks #FilthIEMusic #ElReyDeLaDisco #SoyElReyDeLaDisco Bring out the next Generation of not just music, but #FilthIEMusic.

If you wanna look for further projects By FilthIE A$$ Monster links are available to follow.

Stay updated for- Show Dates/Albums/Ep’s/Single Releases and plenty of FREE DOWNLOADS TO COME!! DONT FORGET TO ADD FilthIE ON ALL OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS TO FIND EVERY BEHIND THE FILTH NEWS on new #FilthIEMusic for all #BassFreaks

Links are in description, stay motivated and

A.lways $.tay $.triving





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