Javenscale AKA AbbafirePRO
Leicester, United Kingdom
Last online: 8 months ago
Available to hire

Javenscale is welcoming of new projects, especially Church projects.

Javenscale is a self taught musician with quite a few years experience, he started his musical carreer in the hey day of punk and soaked up the musical influences of the following decades, including the “oldies but goldies” radio stations catering for the sounds of the 1950’s-70’s.

Javenscale has many musical interests ranging from guitar based music through to new wave electronica and beyond with his Jazz and Orchestral pieces, javenscale excels at the quirky and slightly indefinable genre qualities that mark out the great geniuses of music, although he may not be a genius like all musicians he likes to make a point and that usually means not following the usual rules, the piece or the project define what is acceptable, the genre just affects how you percieve it. Javenscale also writes under the name of Abbafire, some of his work is available on soundcloud.

Javenscale also does work in the visual arts.

Standard Rate:
$2 per day ($0.25 per hour)

    uniE603 Otis Charles - ClockWork
    Sad, jubilant, unexpected triumph in the face of disaster, recollect, memories sad past, #instrumental #soundtrack...
    uniE621 In space no one can hear you paint
    Depth perception; sharp edges organic lines and blurs with colors that are far enough apart to appear to be seperate from one another #illustration...
    uniE621 Album covers
    Here is an album cover I made for one of my own projects, this is based on the contrast between the organic life we see around us such as trees and th...
    uniE603 Javenscale AKA Abbafire MAR 2016 Feat Disciples Of Christ (Macon) Vocals)
    #Rap #song...

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