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Hey 👋 – Welcome to the Twine Blog!

Here at Twine, we pride ourselves on publishing only the latest, high-quality content for our wonderful community of over 400,000 freelancers. We receive a large volume of guest post proposals – so, in order to ensure a speedy and positive response, make sure to stick to our guest post guidelines.

About the Twine Blog:


The content we publish ranges from animation and graphic design all the way to web development and marketing. The theme that ties everything together, is making it for or about creative freelancers.

We want our blog to be a resource to any and all – this means our content should be authoritative, educational, and most importantly, fun.

Familiarise yourself with the blog, guest post guidelines, and the format we publish:

  • Our articles range from 1,000 to 2,000 words with simple, in-depth explanations.
  • We write to readers of all levels – no overly complicated sentences, using industry lingo.
  • We like our content to have a bit of personality.


Whether it’s creative freelancers, clients looking to hire, SMBs, large corporations, or students – our blog caters to anyone looking for creative inspiration and visionary thinking.

1. Pitching

The following is what we need in your guest post proposal.

Any proposals that do not follow this format will be ignored. No hard feelings, we’re just super busy!

Brief intro

Let us get to know you – why do you want to write for the Twine Blog? If you’re representing a company, you’ll need to mention the domain URL in your proposal.

Examples of previous work

This doesn’t need to be published content – it could be any creative writing sample. This is so our team can determine whether your writing style is a good fit for us. If you are pitching on behalf of someone else, you’ll need to explain this within the proposal and attach their writing samples instead of your own.

Any proposals without writing examples will be ignored.

Topic ideas

What topic do you want to engage our audience with?

If we’ve already published your topic idea, find a way to make your content original. (To find out whether we’ve worked on your topic, type into your browser’s search bar: followed by your topic.)

Any proposals that include pre-existing blog topics will be ignored.

Final disclaimers:

This is all we need from your guest post proposal. Do not attach any previously-written drafts, as your proposal will be ignored.

2. Writing

All proposals that cover the above 3 areas from our guest post guidelines will then be reviewed by our content team.

If we’d like to go ahead with your guest post proposal, we’ll get back to you with feedback on your topic ideas. Depending on our project calendar, this may take anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks (your patience is appreciated.)

Once we’ve finalized your topic, you’ll need to send over an outline of the content (this doesn’t need to be concrete).

After we’ve reviewed your outline, you can then go on to write your guest post. For a smooth collaboration, here’s what we’re looking for:


Include an introduction and conclusion. Keep it light, and easy to follow – preferably 1,000 to 2,000 words, with no dense blocks of copy.

All articles must be submitted via Google Doc format.

We recommend running your content through a readability tool before submitting it – there are some great options here.

Please use American English / US spelling when writing your content.


Authors are permitted 2 dofollow backlinks per article – make sure to highlight which links you would like to be dofollow in your draft. (We will not link out to competitive content, so ensure your dofollow links are not aiming to compete with the content you are writing for the Twine Blog.)

Do not add your dofollow backlinks to the heading section of the article, as they will be removed.

Do not add your dofollow backlinks with a promotional anchor, i.e. the name of the company or domain. Any links added in this way will be removed or altered to be less promotional.

Alternatively, if you’d like to promote your services and wish for a dofollow backlink with the name of the company or domain, please reference this to the team. We will get you contacted with the right team member to discuss paid partnership opportunities.

All external links will be made nofollow by default. If you wish for any further dofollow links, please discuss this with our team. Any links that do not meet our standards for content – i.e. casino, CBD, spam – will be removed.

Author description

All authors are required to submit an author description along with their draft – unless they wish to remain anonymous.

This includes:

  • Author Bio (up to 500 words)
  • Website URL
  • Author headshot (300 x 300 px)
  • Social handles

Final disclaimers:

  • We don’t accept any unoriginal, previously published content.
  • We won’t accept any content that is spammy, overly promotional or isn’t relevant to our audience.

3. Submitting

Once you’ve sent over a draft, we will let you know it has been received.

We aim to keep our response time within 2 weeks. If after 2 weeks you haven’t heard from us, please reach out again.

We will then add your content to our guest post backlog, where it will be reviewed by our team to see if it meets the correct quality standards.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the immense volume of guest posts we work with, we are unable to provide authors with updates throughout the guest post funnel. We will only reach out to you if considered adjustments to the content need to be made.

(If your draft is successful, please do expect a few minor edits to be made – this is to keep consistency with the style of our blog.)

Getting published:

Depending on how busy our backlog is, the publishing process could take anywhere from 2 weeks, to 2 months. Once your content has been accepted into our backlog, it will be added to our content schedule.

We will let you know when your article has been published. If you have any questions before this point, please do reach out to our team – note, we will not respond to emails requesting updates (see above).

We also regularly promote our Twine Blog content on our social media.
If you’d like to be included in our posts, please make sure to send over your social media handles beforehand.

Contact address

That was Twine’s guest post guidelines. Ready to submit a guest post?

Get in touch with our marketing team, at

For a quick response, make sure the subject line is your full name, followed by (GUEST POST).

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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