Social and Wellness App

Published by Divyan Dubey

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My Speech Community (MSC) is the first social and wellness app, thoughtfully created by a speech-language pathologist. The app aims to provide a convenient platform for parents to communicate effectively in order to develop effective strategies that will help groom their children’s communication skills. It also enables parents to share their progress with other parents. My Speech Community is the ultimate solution for parents to help their children with delayed speech. Apart for that, the global community also allows parents to answer questions about their child’s progress and share ideas or lend support to other parents. My Speech Community ensures efficiency in dealing with your child’s delayed speech from a very young age. The user friendly app is carefully designed to help parents through their child’s speech problems to make sure their child’s full potential and capabilities truly shine. It features provide easy access to interact with the entire community in order to fully understand a variety of tips and techniques; this way parents can share the struggles they face on a day to day basis in communicating with their children.