Provisional License AUS

Published by Divyan Dubey

  • 1 credits

The Provisional Licence App provides everything to help you prepare for and pass the Australian Provisional Licence. Among the features are: - Study guide for driving safety - 20+ driving test scenarios. - Additional helpful hints. Test yourself anytime, anywhere - as often as you need to. It works as follows: It includes a study guide so that you can prepare for the test. After you have completed the theoretical test and have the necessary knowledge, you can take the different practical test scenarios that a supervisor (driving for more than 2 years and a full license) can test you on. In addition to driving tasks, you will be asked to observe your supervisor's actions while you perform them. A supervisor will confirm that you have performed the action if you complete all the needed tasks. The following scenarios are intended to help you prepare for your restricted license test. Upon completion of tests, you can see your results to see where you can improve.