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Laura Charman

Laura C.

Auckland, New Zealand
Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Singer/Songwriter from New Zealand, EP Heart Over Mind out on Itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp Contact: __ Instagram Account: elceemusic
Chris Gardiner

Chris G.

Auckland, New Zealand
Actor, Extra
Email: __
Sam Studio Films

Sam F.

New Zealand
Film Director, Video Editor, Actor
I'm Sam of Sam studio Films I have a interest to entertain people I'm skilled in task in-front of and behind a camera or computer in fields like Music videos weddings ...
Adam B

Adam B.

Auckland, Grafton, New Zealand
Actor, Creative Director
Location: Auckland City Email: __ Height: 183cm, 6'0"
Maria Stepanova

Maria S.

Auckland, Pakuranga Heights, New Zealand
email: __
Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte W.

Wellington, New Zealand
Artworker, Designer, Actor
Creative to the core. Industrial Design Grad, watercolour painter and lover of photography and capturing the small and often missed details of life. #painter #watercolou...

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