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Siarhei Malashonak

Siarhei M.

Warsaw, Poland
Music Composer, Film Composer, Sound Designer
I have more than 8 years of experience: sound and music for games, video and other forms of audio-visual entertainment and art. Working on various projects: cartoon "...
Aleksander Argiantopoulos

Aleksander A.

Bracknell, United Kingdom
Composer, Film Composer, Music Producer
Hi, My name is Aleks. I'm a 25 year old composer and music producer specializing in electronic classical music and film composition. I have been making music since the ag...
Przemysław Laszczyk

Przemysław L.

Warszawa, Śródmieście, Poland
Music Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer
Composer & Sound designer Contact: __
Grzegorz Trojan

Grzegorz T.

Skórka, Poland
Film Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer
Audio geek. I love to tweak knobs and make beats and melodies flow. Able to make /#Composition/#Sound Design/#Arrange/#Mix/ in variety of genres: Producing Abilities: ...
Jacek Biliński

Jacek B.

Kraków, Stare Miasto, Poland
Composer, Guitarist, Film Composer

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