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Yannick Doyon

Yannick D.

Brossard, Canada
Musician, Mixing Engineer, Music Producer
Hi, I'm Yannick and I run MasterBus Studio. It's in my modest but yet amazing home space that I can create, produce and record my songs, but it's especially mixing and ma...
Paul Ivey

Paul I.

Edmonton, Canada
Music Composer, Musician, Soundtrack Musician
Hi I'm Paul from Iveyfilmscore I do everything from feature films, short films, video games, commercials, electronic music, hip hop beats, songwriting, and the list g...
Kelsey Brette

Kelsey B.

Vancouver, Canada
Vocalist, Musician, Songwriter
Vocal performance, Musical Composition and Songwriting: I have been a musician for most of my life having graduated from the Jazz and Contemporary Music Diploma in Voc...
Josh Polasz

Josh P.

Cambridge, Canada
Musician, Music Producer, Music Editor
I'm a music producer, musician, and DJ. I've been producing for about 6 years & have been producing professionally for about 2 years. I've been learning anything and ever...


Mississauga, Canada
Singer, Musician, Vocalist
I'm a musician who specializes in... from... Give an introduction about yourself, who are you, what are your most important skills and what differentiates you from oth...
Wilson Lam

Wilson L.

Toronto, Old Toronto, Canada
Actor, Musician, Pianist
I'm a musician who specializes in teaching piano and music theory. My interest in acting was sparked when I took 2 acting courses for non-majors at York University while...

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