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Angel Irizarry

Angel I.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Music Composer, Music Producer, Musician
I'm a musician who specializes in composition, production and guitar performance from playing as an accompanist with Dominican a US artist to compose jazz, rock, pop and ...
Alejandro Martinez Martínez

Alejandro M.

Cambita Garabitos, Dominican Republic
Keyboards, Musician, Guitarist
__ Clases de Música para Cristianos Teclado, Guitrarra, Bajo Eléctrico, Flauta, Batería www.mimejoradoracion.com
Allan Abreu

Allan A.

Santo Domingo, Ensanche La Fe, Dominican Republic
Music Producer, Musician, Music Composer
Hello! My name is Allan Abreu and i am 17 years old.. I am a Progressive House young producer from Dominican Republic. My main inspirations are Hardwell & Martin Garrix...
Alphred Louran

Alphred L.

Santo Domingo, Gascue, Dominican Republic
Music Composer, Photographer, Musician
i'm a dominican music producer :D

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