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Racquel A

Racquel A.

Kingston, Jamaica
Video Editor, Post-Production, Videographer
Owner of Vogue25 Explorer, specializing in creating sensational marketing videos for large-scale hotels worldwide. With over 7 years of expertise in 2D animation, graphic...
Ranteen Dixon

Ranteen D.

Montego Bay, Jamaica
Photographer, Videographer, Director of Photography
Jamaican Wedding Photographer
Kavouhn Lewars-Smith

Kavouhn L.

Kingston, Jamaica
Animator, Motion Graphic Designer, Graphic Designer
I'm a Motion Designer/ Animator from Kingston, Jamaica. I believe Video is an amazing tool to help marketers get their messaging across to their potential clients in a f...
Ricardo Powis

Ricardo P.

Kingston, Eastwood Park, Jamaica
Graphic Designer, Promoter, Videographer
I'm a deep thinker and a very soft heart person with the drive to always be creative. I love technology fuse with Entertainment and Electrical. There is never a day goes ...

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