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T-shirts design
T-Shirt Designer
Budget $41.66
In what capacity are you hiring? On behalf of my company Where are you in the hiring process? I'm planning and researching Would you like to state a preference for hiring from underrepresented group(s)? No preference Where did you find Twine? Instagram Is this an independent one off job, or part
Posted 3 months agoExpires in 2 months
Tshirt Designs
T-Shirt Designer
Budget $125.00
I need a few tshirt designs drawn for me. It's gonna Autism Awareness. I want to keep it simple. Autism Awareness, a graphic (puzzle piece) and the colors of autism awareness (red, blue, green, yellow). Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration? Pay to hire someone Is this ongoing work or
Posted 2 years agoExpires in 2 years
Recently completed
New embroidery logo
T-Shirt Designer
Budget Negotiable
I need someone to design a new t-shirt range with a few logo which has to be embroidery and contains the likes of skulls, roses, snakes ect or a grunge look too go on the left of the t-shirt. The t-shirts will be black and white for now and a few designs around the grunge feel. Are you looking to
Posted 2 years agoExpires in 2 years
I need a T-shirt design.
T-Shirt Designer
Budget $5.83
Hello, I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Mehdi, better known under the pseudonym EmpereurListe. I'm going to start selling on Teespring , Redbubble , Etsy... and I need someone to create a Design for me to start my activity. The design should be related to the "Gaming" theme. I need a design with th
Posted 2 years agoExpires in 2 years