Need Help Filming a Comedy Feature Film in Fethiye

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Actor is needed in Türkiye.

About me, I grew up in the US, but my family is from Egypt (my paternal grandmother is half-Turkish). I am very involved in the Muslim community in the US and I work with a lot of young people. I noticed that people in that demographic have no media options in truth. Most active Muslims can only watch lectures or such programs on YouTube, but otherwise there are no real movies or TV serials in the English language that feature Muslims who are serious about their religion. Quite the opposite, devout Muslims are almost uniformly represented as extremists or unstable people, sadly even in movies coming out of Muslim countries.

I believe that we are missing an opportunity with this large demographic, numbering in the tens of millions of potential viewers, and I would like to create entertaining movies with moral characters and stories to serve this demographic.

I am hoping, especially for Turkey, to create a good relationship with an honest and professional crew that can help me to create many programs in the future. I am in the process of creating two features - one here in the US and the one I detailed for you in Turkey. So far, I am funding these myself, as this is a new venture and I am not sure how many people want to invest. I believe that if we create a good movie - from the standpoint of the story and quality of the filming/acting/directing - that we will create a lot more opportunities in the future insha Allah, and we will have the chance to really impact so many lives.

I know there are lots of cinema professionals in Turkey as there is an active filmmaking community there and Turkey is known to produce some spectacular programs and movies. I know that I can get good quality actors and filmmaking there, but I also want people who believe in this vision. People who believe that devout Muslims also deserve to have a voice and to have their stories told.

About the film I am planning:

To give you a concept of the movie: it is a 90 minute dialogue driven movie with an intention to keep costs down. I am trying to make a movie for English speaking Muslim audiences, as they have little to no content made for them. The movie will have the following locations:

  1. House in Fethiye region (I have already secured this location)
  2. Apartment in Calis (Also secured)
  3. One scene on the water taxi between Calis and Fethiye (I am assuming we rent the whole boat)
  4. A few scenes in the Fethiye Fish Market
  5. One sword fight in the Fish Market
  6. One running/moving scene in the narrow back streets of central Fethiye (near the Duck Pond)
  7. One scene in Hani Baba restaurant
  8. One scene in a back room of any building (location not secured yet)
  9. One scene in the Umbrella street downtown Fethiye
  10. Finale scene would likely be near any pier in Calis beach at night or could use Fethiye harbor/marina
  11. Finale scene includes some scenes in an inflatable type boat with a motor
  12. Introductory scene will have in-car discussion and some footage of scenery between Dalaman and Fethiye
  13. One scene at the Tomb of Amyntas
  14. One scene in any Masjid/mosque

Unique Props needed:

  1. Three swords or machetes for sword battle
  2. A few hand guns (never fired)
  3. One or two long rifles

Central Cast: 8 actors

Two females (one is central character, other is a minor character with a few lines)
Total of 6 male characters with lines:

  • One American central character (Maybe myself - or if we find better candidate)
  • Two Arabic characters (both minor with few lines)
  • Two other central male characters (One Turkish, the other Western)
  • One Turkish Uber/Taxi driver (with a few lines)

And 4-5 other males with little or no lines (security type characters)
No celebrities required. Looking for good to excellent actors for the central roles as they will carry the movie. I do not have access to actors, so I will need your help!

Film crew: unfortunately unable to afford a big crew, so looking for a small crew with solid experience.

Budget: I am funding this myself and as a result do not have a big budget. Hopefully, you can help me keep costs down and we can get a great production.

In what capacity are you hiring?
As an individual for a personal project

Where are you in the hiring process?
I’m ready to make a paid hire

Is this an independent one off job, or part of a larger project?
Single job with follow up work

For what period of time will the freelancer be needed?
More than a week

What freelancer experience level is needed? (per hour)
Mid-level (Industry Average): $35-75

Client contact preference:
- On Twine (contact details private)
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