mid/long form online video ad - Brand Awareness for an E-commerce brand

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Role Created and edited an online "Brand Awareness" ad for an e-commerce Project goal The main challenge was to propose another more "tv advertising" approach to my client's needs, therefore ideating and crafting a message and visuals around a Brand Awareness message rather than just advertising the product. The call to action is redirecting the audience to the client's e-commerce site. Fortunately, the client is very open to suggestions and very collaborative. I used my stock assets to build this advertising and used the client's Logo, Fonts, and Colors from his Brand Guide. Solution I crafted a Brand Awareness message with a visit-the-website CTA and used a slight touch of humor and curiosity gap advertising tactics to build up the video ad. The result was so satisfactory that the client has commissioned another 7 video adverts :) #video #advert #videoeditor #videopromo #videoad #colorgrading #davinciresolve #ecommercepromo #ecommercead