divination (prod. hydra)

Published by Jamal Akasha

  • 1 credits

lyrics: Bitch you know who i be if you dont hoe, know befoe i speak Inna mystic dungeon is where I sleep I creep, thru the tundra that is currently surrounding me Fuck that, captain of the sea, fuck a bus pass, bust back, the industry a fallacy Here's a fun fact, nothing is captivating anymo Im aggravating the adversary Emasculating the bad repairing that is holding up this fuckin music scene afloat I said, I'd expose these hoaxes, dope we smokin, flow explosive Light shone for the occultist Bitch I might go when the tone shifts Like the plight or a bind of an omen Hoe Im blind from everything youre fuckin showin me A golden temple Smokin fluorescent emerald A stolen lesson floats inside my fucking temple If lifes a gamble, then Im not rollin until it's special Mental telepathy is my largest extremity aye Extraterrestrial, several entities host my body I cant handle the energy Flowin with the intensity of a shaman ceremoniously provoking malevolent energy from the well-being of the patients memory Endlessly falling thru levels of my depleting sanity Plan to be, something to fuckin be greater Goin over these heads, like a canopy Agony, draggin over from last damaging Damned if I oughta be God got a whole awe to see (odyssey) Lookin it over when Im dying like topography Autonomy, look out for me, optometry Divination using tarot cards and astrology Honestly, they told me I wouldnt have anything Planned ahead of me Same day, looked in the mirror, created my fuckin destiny (no I didnt) Can I be, floating on my back, bloated and Im fat goin down a stream? This that, flow until it crack, throw ya hoe over, go in from the back, glowin as I drag Yeah Im blowin the dope in the mornin and go into coma, Im feelin the frozen air open, Chosen to go in, I come with the copin, Im kinda a cult inside of my own head #audio #gravesquad #akasha #jamal #nothing #fuckyou #Rap #worship #Gospel