The Pet Bistro Logo, Branding

Published by Kelvin Cunningham

  • 1 credits

The Pet Bistro was established after the owner saw a need to improve quality of pet food. The pet food would be created in a professional kitchen out of the finest choices of meat and vegetables then to be delivered to your door. This logo implements the collaboration of a chef’s cloche and a pet food bowl to lend support to the ideology that the food is carefully prepared in a kitchen and served to your pet. The soft curves of the word ‘Pet’ can be seen as the tail or body shapes of the pets themselves while the letter ‘P’ could also be viewed as the waiter, chef, or delivery person presenting the carefully prepared meal. Through geometric contrasting, relating lines, curves, negative space and shapes forms a unity while adding to the individual interest. #logo #graphicdesigner #branding #designer #packagingdesign