Life Surge Brand Identity Project

Published by Keno17

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LIFE SURGE is a Christian business lifestyle brand focused on events, media, and education. We do large Christian business events and provide business and financial education to a Christian adult audience. We're launching a merchandising business to complement our lifestyle brand and want to make sure we have the right logo, look and feel for our brand. SURGE becomes the word that is used over and over where LIFE will be used as the corporate umbrella as everything is produced by LIFE SURGE. Therefore, it may be interesting to do something where the word SURGE has a unique variation in how it looks. But this is not necessary as we're very open to slight changes or big changes. We start with a big event called LIFE SURGE and then sell them, classes, with different names but still with the word SURGE, such as: - Wealth SURGE - Trade SURGE - Business SURGE etc. SOLUTION: Sunrays were incorporated into the logomark, which represents (surging) the lifestyle of always "surging" one's life through God's grace. #graphicdesigner #logo #logodesign #branding #brandidentity #designer