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Liberty Bwanali Libertymusic
Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch Centr...

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Liberty Bwanali Libertymusic
Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch Centr...

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New Album 2015 _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: PAYPAL Email , _Email not available. Sign in: or _Email not available. Sign in: Its Time to Grow and Meet yall soon Around the WORLD #GlobalTOurComingSoon Music Deals, Live Performances, Collaborations, Touring, Production, Mixing & Mastering.CALL_Phone details not available. Sign in: (Libertymusic-Booking Agent & Manager) or email _Email not available. Sign in: to BOOK Libertymusic 2014 Back with a New ALbum #NOZHI ...Get It NOW. Big Up DJ4Kat 10/05/2013 @libertymusic was guest and also entered in the @redbull DJ campus Clash Stellenbosch Vs CPUT which turned a Success...Great Fun and experience #Ready for the BIG WORLD no Doubt... _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: Biography Libertymusic Records Artists Liberty bwanali aka Libertymusic ( Global, Stats available on Google Search) Members to the LABEL Tim Whit aka Libertymusic Commitment ( USA / SA / ZIM ) Myrone Moyo aka Don ( South Africa / Zimbabwe ) Phil Clee AKA #1Hunna ( S.A / NAM) Yung Mulandeni Moyo ( South Africa / Zimbabwe ) Curt Onkers aka DJ Curt ( South Africa) Luvo ( South Africa) Divha ( South Africa) Simba - DJ Phil D ( South Africa / Zimbabwe ) Raynile Ngeteye AKA I-Mortal ( Ethiopia, S.A, USA, CHINA) Collaborating Artists & DJs: Miss Djane Diamond (Switzerland / Brazil) Ani Kresse ( Germany / Austria ) 1DAKIDSA AKA Marc Bongers (South Africa l) DJ Leo Large (South Africa/ Germany) Fritz The Cat (South Africa/ Germany) Jusa Dementor ( UK / Zimbabwe) Dj Spinalong ( Canada / Zimbabwe) Sinima Beats ( USA l) Hollywood beat production ( USA) Abra Tribe ( USA/ZIM/UK/DUBAI/SA) Rapitfly ( USA) Zadeschr Mi speak Revelations ( Zadeschr the Protection n 7th name to the Liberty Bwanali Life and living with God). Libertymusic Zimbabwean Born International Artist with Famous Concerts n Appearances in Europe on Two Successful European Tours to Switzerland, Germany & Amsterdam. In Zimbabwe Libertymusic staged with Mavado on the Chitungwiza Tour to Zimbabwe 28 Jan 2012, Dec/Jan 2011-2012 Libertymusic hosted the cricket 20/20 Dominus sport event, Libertymusic performed Live at the cooperate event which saw stars such as Chris Gayle, Andre nel, Dirk Nanes, Zim Cricket heroes And the main Zimbabwe Cricket board members. Libertymusic went on to also perform six live acts at the cricket event in and between the matches. Also worked with band Mafriq and Paulina working on a release with Libertymusic talks already finished. Libertymusic aka Liberty Bwanali Live On Stage, music meditation, come heal with music your blood circulation change, u now moving with GOD #music Emperor Oversee I please U lady words sweet Let mi Pierce your heart with Words #COME LOVE n DANCE with MI…PUNGWE, HUSIKU HWESE MAFARO CHETE. HIT SONGS In Random Order. 1: Voodoo Girl Jungle Love Remix, Miss D feat Libertymusic beat by 1dakidSA 2: Harare Hustler, beat by JUSA DEMENTOR 3: No Return 4: We Still Stand Strong, Ani feat Libertymusic 5: Gifted n many more tchoons..Links seen as u read further….Enjoy Mi World. OUR World. USA Feature Libertymusic _Website not available. Sign in: ZBC feature Libertymusic _Website not available. Sign in: Herald feature Libertymusic _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: Links to Libertymusic Empire _Website not available. Sign in: Full Artist Profile, Concerts, Press n Media _Website not available. Sign in: @twitter baby, She LOVE MI REAL, CHECK _Website not available. Sign in: Cousin Brother to ma Twitter _Website not available. Sign in: Street guerrilla movement, Spread Music _Website not available. Sign in: 4now see Last we did, we involved Streets _Email not available. Sign in: _Email not available. Sign in: _Email not available. Sign in: _Email not available. Sign in: _Phone details not available. Sign in: Libertymusic Management_Phone details not available. Sign in: Masixole Arts And Music Program_Phone details not available. Sign in: Abra Tribe ( Zimbabwe) Genres by Libertymusic includes some of the following: Versatile, Hip-hop, Rock n Rap, Dub Step, Drum n Bass, DANCE HALL, REGGAE, Opera-Rep, Meditate Tchoons TIME Browse Dem Tchoons , which in short ZADESCHR Mi God Blessed revelations i spit off the dom..dodged a Paper n Pen..Mind told mi Dont worry @lib i got THIS....Soul agree Quotes by Libertymusic FI Di Party, Open Minded blessed People. You Heard Word in the Streets??@libertymusic taking over? # AHA Mi Se YOU KNOW HOW WE DOOOoooooooooZEEE ITTT. MI HERE 2 hear, Lead, guide, teach, showcase Talent and help as many I can #To heaven we dancing to Di Door STEP….. Late 2011 – 2012 Performances. Just off the University of Stellenbosch ISOS Braai welcome to the New International Enrolling Students @libertymusic was Sound Host, Rapping, rocking and meditating dem tchoons crowd was nodding N Dapping. In Zimbabwe 2012 to begin with Libertymusic Staged at the MAVADO Zim 2012 TOUR live in Chitungwiza, big OP to C & A for the stage. 2011 December Libertymusic hosted the Stanbic 20/20 Cricket Cooperate and Event providing live Entertainment with appearances from Top Ranked Urban grooves band Mafriq and Paulina. At the Cooperate event Dominus Sport Club welcoming the players International Stars such as Andre Nel (SA), Dirk Nunes (AUS) and OUR own Zimbabwean Stars. Chris Gayle shook Mi hand n said, U ride dem Tchoons Maan, Mi 4rm Jamaica originality but mi play fi di West Indies..@libertymusic You Rock Dem, U got something in your music., Libertymusic is known also for organising the Music no bound Events in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Events been taking place since 2011 Libertymusic now pacing trending at a recognized PACE # IN CT they TALKING about this NEW Music #LIBERTYMUSIC, THREALING STAGE, LIVE Vocal Clarity, I am The Condenser Microphone # MEDIATING MUSIC ..Some say he possessed and HE says I am possessed, by ALLAH THANK GOD I’m here for the people. Heaven 4EVER Description I got The Music....Now and Forever...FREEDOM Entertainment Reporter THE local music scene is set to change as Liberty Bwanali, who is simply known as Liberty in the music circles, makes his mark and establishes himself as an artiste of worth. The Kadoma-born artiste, who until recently was a nonentity, has stolen the hearts and ears of many owing to his versatility, which allows him to switch from dancehall to hip-hop with ease. While some Zimbabwean international artistes such as South African-based Buffalo Souljah and Trinta are losing their appeal Liberty is doing otherwise, striving to make that much needed connection with locals. Over the last month Liberty has been "hot property" performing at clubs and concerts in and around Harare as well as his hometown of Kadoma, where he has gained immense popularity. "My music has been received well and people are loving it. It is a great feeling when you win a home audience and you are appreciated for your efforts", said the soft-spoken musician. He was the top act at the just ended T20 cricket tournament where he also composed a song which pays tribute to Zimbabwe's cricket stars. His performance of the song, which has since been adopted as the tournament's theme song, got cricket fans on their feet when he took to the stage. His album "Gifted" on which he collaborates with artistes from various countries including the US and South Africa has received rave reviews and been described as a "must have piece to one's collection". "Gifted" is certainly a huge improvement from his debut album "You have been liberated". Liberty is currently working on collaboration with Pauline of Mafriq. Since Liberty was last in the country in 2010 he has recorded and performed concerts in South Africa, Germany, and Switerzland. He also has enjoyed generous airplay across the globe. _Website not available. Sign in: Band interests _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: Artists we also like The Above Mentioned in the BIOWWWW
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