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United Kingdom
Illustrator, Book Illustrator
Hello! My name is Gennifer Wagayen, I'm a UK-based illustrator who has a keen interest in mythologies with an illustrative focus on a decorative style of work, emphasisin...
Alexandra Hohner

Alexandra H.

United Kingdom
Animator, Illustrator, Book Illustrator
I am an animator, illustrator. As an artist, I specialised in tradigital methods: I animate frame-by-frame but digitally (mostly in TvPaint). I draw pictures no matter if...
OddPumpkin Studio

OddPumpkin S.

London, United Kingdom
Illustrator, Animator, Motion Graphic Designer
Meet John Peter Meiring, a highly skilled professional motion designer and illustrator with an extensive portfolio of work for both large and small clients. With over 14 ...
Ffion Norman

Ffion N.

Gloucester, United Kingdom
Illustrator, Designer, Animator
Seasoned illustrator with specific expertise working across Health, Wellbeing, and Financial industries.
Marie Alpe

Marie A.

United Kingdom
Animator, Illustrator, Motion Graphic Designer
Hello, My name's Marie. I'm a freelance motion graphic designer and illustrator. I can produce character designs, concepts, illustrate, video edit, sound design and ed...
Gisela Benitez

Gisela B.

Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Artworker
As a senior designer, I am capable of managing different creative challenges mainly to deliver logos and custom Illustrations as part of your brand identity for your busi...

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