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Francesco Rea
Milano, Italia

Sound Engineer based in Milan, Italy. I will assure you *radio ready quality* for all of my jobs: my goal is to ensure all my clients walk away happy and satisfied. Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above! MIXING (miximium 3 days delivery) • 2-5 stems ⇢ $125 • 6-10 stems ⇢ $150 • 11-20 stems ⇢ $175 • 21-30 stems ⇢ $200 • 31-40 stems ⇢ $250 • 41-50 stems ⇢ $300 • > 50 stems ⇢ $350 One day fast delivery ⇢ $50 MASTERING ⇢ $50 15% discount for 3 or more mixes/masters!

Francesco Rea
Milano, Italia

Sound Engineer based in Milan, Italy. I will assure you *radio ready quality* for all of my jobs: my goal is to ensure all my clients walk away happy and satisfied. Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above! MIXING (miximium 3 days delivery) • 2-5 stems ⇢ $125 • 6-10 stems ⇢ $150 • 11-20 stems ⇢ $175 • 21-30 stems ⇢ $200 • 31-40 stems ⇢ $250 • 41-50 stems ⇢ $300 • > 50 stems ⇢ $350 One day fast delivery ⇢ $50 MASTERING ⇢ $50 15% discount for 3 or more mixes/masters!

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Music Producers for hire in Milano, IT

We have over 80 Music Producers in Milano, IT! Twine will help you find the perfect Music Producer for your project.

Sound Engineer based in Milan, Italy. I will assure you *radio ready quality* for all of my jobs: my goal is to ensure all my clients walk away happy and satisfied. Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above! MIXING (miximium 3 days delivery) • 2-5 stems ⇢ $125 • 6-10 stems ⇢ $150 • 11-20 stems ⇢ $175 • 21-30 stems ⇢ $200 • 31-40 stems ⇢ $250 • 41-50 stems ⇢ $300 • > 50 stems ⇢ $350 One day fast delivery ⇢ $50 MASTERING ⇢ $50 15% discount for 3 or more mixes/masters!

VOCAL PRODUCER / VOCALIST / SONGWRITER 22-year-old Milan-based. My vocals have been featured on STMPD, Sirup, Loudkult, Proximity, NCN and NCS. I provide high-quality ready-to-mix vocals, strong pop melodies and honest lyrics: I take care of the whole process myself in my home studio, and I do it with passion. ABOUT ME I’ve been singing for over 10 years and I mainly work in my home studio by myself. I do writing camps and have frequent writing sessions with Top Notch writers based either overseas or just a few metro stops away in Milano. As vocalist and featured artist, I have records on STMPD, Loudkult, NCS, NCN; Frequency and Sirup. As a writer I co-wrote a couple of songs with both Italy and Europe based artists, including the runner up of this year’s The Voice Of Holland. My tone goes really well on POP, EDM, FUTURE BASS, RNB and NEO SOUL. I record and produce my vocals and I always deliver pre-mixed vocals. YOU MUST KNOW A FEW THINGS BEFORE HIRING: I only take on projects that I feel relevant to me as an artist and it takes time to make it perfect. I’m looking for producers that want my vision in the song and will allow me to do my thing. SERVICES I OFFER : - Vocals _ I can sing in different styles and use different tones - Topline writing _ melody writing, Lyrics writing - Vocal Production _I fully produce vocal (harmonies included) - Songwriting _ - Instruments_ I can hire professional musicians to work on your track. Quick turnaround on guitar, sax and piano/synth. DM me for more info WORFLOW for FULL VOCAL I work step by step to make sure you are happy with what I'm doing and to avoid frustration and confusion. 1) MELODY once approved 2) LYRICS once approved 3) VOCAL DEMO, once approved 5) FINAL VOCAL TRACKING 6) VOCAL PRODUCTION 7) PREMIXED VOCALS delivered GIG TERMS: - I only accept gigs with same % on both MECHANICAL and PERFORMANCE Royalties - Hiring doesn’t ensure a featuring: I decide if I wanna be featured, alongside my management, once the song is mixed. So keep me posted about the song, follow up here on Vocalizr or reach out on social media. - Keep all the material inside the Gig Center, using dropbox links to send files around. PRICE FOR A FULL VOCAL _ 600$ FULL BUYOUT (no % on master royalty) = 1k $ REVISIONS: I’m always happy to make small changes to meet your taste and expectations, but If revisions start to become pointless or discordant I’ll charge extra money. The extras will be charged in the gig by re-negotiating the price. Hope you can understand, cause time is precious for everyone. MY GEAR Tascam US 2x2, Aston Spirit Microphone, Line6 PodHD500x, AKG k271 MKII, Shure SM58, Eko Mia CDWEQ acoustic guitar, AKG perception 120, Fender Stratocaster USA, Ibanez semi acoustic guitar, KORG microkey 49, ROLI seaboard block, Akai MPK mini MKII, IK Multimedia iLoud micro monitor, Akai LPK25. M-AUDIO axiom mini 32 air, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

Musician, composer and producer. I graduated in 2008 in Classical Guitar in Italy and I studied Composition and Theory at the CSI in Lugano, Switzerland. I've been playing, working and composing in different genres of music throughout my music career, from classical to contemporary music to electronic to pop rock. Here are some links of the music I produced: _Website not available. Sign in: _Website not available. Sign in: Here are some links of a electronic/contemporary music project (IRID): _Website not available. Sign in: Here are a few examples of a new project (pop rock) in progress (DRAANE): _Website not available. Sign in:

Christian Scalas, sound designer, dj, sound engineer, mastering engineer. Owner of Sikreative audio production in Milan, specialized in advertising, syncro audio/video, music consulting, audio restore, mix and master, voice over and many more.

I'm the award-winning musician, composer, producer. Over 300 active concerts. Endorser for: Vic Firth (Signature Artist), Remo, Soultone Cymbals (Signature Artist), Cosmic Ears, G7th Capos, Explore Apparel. Over 120,000 copies sold, with the achievement of the gold record for his latest album. Engraving of singles with: Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), San Francisco Symphony and Hans Zimmer. Sound Engineer for Netflix in: Black Mirror, La Casa di Carta, Orange is the new black, Black Mirror, The OA and Composer for the BBC in Top Gear UK. Over 8,000,000 monthly listeners on the main international televisions licensed by: Discovery Channel, BBC and Netflix. Publication by laFeltrinelli of his biography written by Matthew Hemingway, journalist and US chronicler.

Hello, I am a music producer & sound engineer from Italy. I have a 5 years experience and I'm waiting for your message bro ✌.

Ian Carpenter is dj, producer, radio host of a weekly show and the driving force behind the label Trip Records. His sound has continuously evolved during his dj career, always true to his Techno roots. He was one of the first djs that used the new possibilities in the course of the digitalization of music in a consequent and creative way. The real-time manipulation of the individual elements plays an important role in his sets. Ian Carpenter releases a new single on September 1. “Moon Walker”, a techno track with high impact melodic nuances and an overwhelming rhythm, is Carpenter’s first record released on the Trip Records label. Ian Carpenter AKA “Katty Smyle” is an Italian DJ and producer born in Padua in 1988. Carpenter represented Italy in the BURN Residency 2015, the world’s biggest DJ competition. He later changed his AKA into Ian Carpenter, marking a turning point in his career as a DJ and producer. Despite being considered relatively fresh on the scene, Italian DJ and producer Ian Carpenter has amply proven his skill in the studio and behind the decks. His fast-paced trajectory reads like a novel. While championing his own style of uncompromising and headstrong techno, he steers his career and music the way he envisions it. On stage Ian charms techno heads with his natural ease, composure and expertise. His own studio productions have proven to be intense, addictive and downright impressive, captivating sounding labels like Trip Records and Overloud. His curriculum vitae of credentials is simply mind blowing: An Essential Mix debut on Bpm Radio Fm, a passage at Trip Records Sets, and continuous support by Resident Advisor. The future looks bright for Ian Carpenter.

DEEJAY BIO (ENGLISH): Daniele D'Alessandro DJ Aka DDJ Up and coming DJ in the panorama of Italian and international gay house, Daniele D'Alessandro , took his first steps in the club-scene very early. You might say it's a family trait. His father was a dancer, DJ and organizer of evening events which catapulted his into the world of house. D'Alessandro was born in the countryside, in Frosinone, a place way too small for the likes of him . He always knew he would live out his adult life in Milan. In 2006 he works his way into the city of fashion bringing his career to a higher level, becoming an excellent personal trainer in one of the most famous fitness clubs of Milan. He takes these moves into his dancing. Gifted in house dancing skills, he's happy to show them in some of the most prestigious dance clubs of Northern Italy (Pascia, Amnesia, DeSade, Hollywood). But his passion for music ever increases, until one day his best friend takes him to her DJ brother's shop, the famous "Nika Music Store". Here he acquires his first vinyl and feels immediately the indomitable desire of learning all the secrets of being a DJ. His passion and eagerness to learn develops a steady zeal without distraction, very often during entire nights (to the delight of his neighbors), until he was ready for his public debut. He begins spinning for friends and in private parties but soon enough he longs for "the real thing" - to share his passion for house music and unleash it for the general public. One day the opportunity he awaited so intensely was offered to him. He was to manage 'the consoles' for the warm up of the most world famous gay scene party of Milan, "Barbarella". From that point it all picks up momentum and he becomes one of the resident DJs of the party. His interest in music, originality, and passion allow him to create a strong symbiosis with the public, which leads to many positive critiques. His sound has been defined as 'original, sophisticated, full of energy' or even a 'DIRTY SOUND'. The sound of D'Alessandro makes you want to dance and lets you be carried along by the magic and the emotion of the sound's rhythms in his compositions. A natural talent as 'music designer' allows him to mix with a powerful and unusual sound in all different genres: Tech, Progressive and Tribal with Deep, Vocal and Old School House. Listening to this very personal sound, you know straight away it's Daniele D'Alessandro DJ (aka DDJ!) After some months he is already in demand being offered the opportunity to take Barbarella on tour in Italy. He is chosen to be in charge of music in very glamorous parties. His presence as "the guest DJ" is in demand for parties all over Italy and even the fitness club where he works as PT asks him to provide DJ-sets. His relationship with the public is so lively and strong that on New Year's 2011, he decides in collaboration with partners, to launch a new house party concept for Saturday evenings in Milan! And a new brand is born! -"Hero Club", which immediately brands itself thanks to its innovative and catchy character. D'Alessandro, not only organizer but of also resident DJ, has accomplished his mission of making his fans go totally wild on the dance-floor. After great success and praise, also at international level is regards to the Hero Club, he decides to head for new adventures and new projects. His ambitious objective is to design new concepts in order to surprise, once again, his public. So stay tuned! DEEJAY BIO (ITALIANO): Daniele D'Alessandro Dj Aka DDJ. Emergente dj italiano nel panorama gay house italiano ed internazionale, Daniele inizia a muovere i suoi primi passi all'interno dei "Club" molto presto. D'altra parte è una qualità di famiglia: il papa' ballerino,dj e organizzatore di serate gli trasmette e gli fa vivere fin da bimbo la sua passione per la house music e la disco. Daniele D'Alessandro nasce in provincia, a Frosinone, una realtà troppo stretta per uno come lui. Decide infatti che Milano da grande sarà' la sua futura casa. E così nel 2006 approda nella citta' della moda per dare una svolta alla sua carriera di personal trainer, diventando uno dei "pt" di punta in uno dei club di fitness più' famosi del centro citta'. Nel frattempo inizia anche a muovere i suoi primi passi come ballerino. Sfruttando infatti le sue doti di house dancer, iniza ad esibirsi in alcuni dei "locali" più' prestigiosi del Nord Italia (Pascia, Amnesia, DeSade, Hollywood). Ma la sua passione per la musica house aumenta sempre di più', finche' un giorno la sua migliore amica lo porta nel negozio di suo fratello dj, il famoso "Nika Music Store": acquista così i suoi primi "piatti" e da quell'istante scatta indomabile la voglia di imparare e di apprendere tutti i segreti per diventare un dj. La sua voglia di imparare e la sua passione lo portano ad uno studio continuo senza distrazioni, a volte anche per notti intere (per la gioia de suoi vicini di casa), finché non si sente pronto per il debutto in pubblico. Inizia così ad esibirsi per serate tra amici e feste private, ma scalpita, perché ambizioso, vuole essere in una "vera" consolle per condividere tutta la sua passione per la House Music e far scatenare il grande pubblico. E un giorno arriva la possibilità' che da tanto attendeva: gestire la consolle durante il warm-up di quella che era la serata più famosa del mondo House Gay a Milano (Barbarella): da quel momento in poi è tutto un crescendo diventando in breve tempo addirittura uno dei dj resident della serata. La ricerca musicale accurata, l'originalità' e la grande passione gli permettono di creare una forte simbiosi con il pubblico, permettendogli di ottenere molte critiche positive. C'e' chi definisce il suo sound "originale", "sofisticato" e "carico di energia" o meglio ancora un "DIRTY SOUND" (come qualcuno ama anche definirlo). Quello di Daniele è un sound che fa venire voglia di ballare e di lasciarsi trasportare dalla magia e dalle emozioni dei suoni e dei ritmi che è in grado di creare: una dote innata di "music designer" gli permette di miscelare, in un sound coinvolgente e distintivo, vari generi, quali Tech, Progressive e Tribal con l'aggiunta di Deep, Vocal e Old School House che rendono il suo set facilmente associabile al suo nome: Daniele D'Alessandro Dj (aka DDJ)!. Dopo pochi mesi gli impegni aumentano costantemente: gli viene offerta la possibilità' di portare in tour per l'Italia la serata "Barbarella", viene scelto per fare la colonna sonora a sfilate e party glamour, è richiesta la sua presenza come guest dj in party in tutta Italia e addirittura gli viente proposto di fare dei dj set nel club sportivo per cui lavora come pt. Il suo rapporto con il pubblico e' così' vivo e forte che, anche con la collaborazione di altre persone, decide di lanciare per il Capodanno 2011 una nuova serata house per il sabato sera milanese. Nasce così il marchio: "Hero Club" che si contraddistingue fin da subito per essere innovativo ed accattivante. E Daniele, non solo come organizzatore ma soprattutto come dj resident, riesce nell'obiettivo di far scatenare sul dancefloor il suo oramai affezionato pubblico. Dopo il grande successo e gli apprezzamenti anche a livello internazionale ottenuti con il party Hero Club, decide di lanciarsi in nuove avventure e nuovi progetti ponendosi l'ambizioso obiettivo di "disegnare" nuove idee per stupire ancora una volta il suo pubblico ... Stay Tuned !!! More About Daniele D'Alessadro Dj: Resident Dj & Party Promoter @ Hero Club. Music Designer @ Gusmen Life Style Magazine. Music Designer for Aperitif, Fashion Show, & Private Party. -Fashion Show & Fashion Party: Frankie Morello Men Fashion Show Brian Dales LaPerla Vouge Fashion Night Out Iceberg -Party & Club: Gayday Salento @ Guendalina (Lecce) Mako' (Gallipoli) Pegaso's (Catania) Frau (Torre Del Lago) Red Club (Bologna) Fairy (Firenze) Wapo @ Alterego (Verona) Chandelier @ Amnesia (Milano) Splash Bar (New York) Art Club Privee (Desenzano) Me2diterranea Circuit Weekend @ Torre Del Lago (Lucca) Matinee Around The World @ DeSade (Milano) Bgay Gay Week @ Barcellona BimBamBum @ Barcellona Atelier (Milano) Special AfterHour NYE 2012 @ Q21 (Milano) Push Club Roma Matinee' Around The World Delice Dream Pre-party Exlcelsior Pre-party Gaydar Party Me2diterranea Music Links: Podomatic: _Website not available. Sign in: Soundcloud: _Website not available. Sign in: Mixcloud: _Website not available. Sign in: Follow DDJ on: Facebook Profile: _Website not available. Sign in: Facebook FanPage: _Website not available. Sign in: Twitter: _Website not available. Sign in: Booking contact: _Email not available. Sign in: LET THE MUSIC TAKE CONTROL!

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How To Hire a Music Producer in Milano, IT

To kick things off, choose which type of producers you’d like to pitch on your brief

For example:

  • Pop music producers
  • Christian music producers
  • EDM producers
  • Hip hop producers
  • Song producers

Next, it’s time to write up your brief and start the hiring process:

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Finding & vetting the perfect creative for your project might seem like a time-consuming prospect.

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Writing a music production brief

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60% of freelancers abandon a job pitch halfway through for being too long or complex

Although Twine matches you to suitable creatives and vets their pitches…’s still really important to make sure your job brief is well-written in order to attract high-quality pitches.

When writing up your music production brief, make sure you include the following information:

  • Who you are
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  • The scope & size of your project
  • References of tracks you like
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • Deadline

If you’d like any more guidance on how to write the perfect brief, check out our example music production brief.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Music Producer in Milano, IT?

The cost of hiring a music producer will largely depend on the nature of your project.

For example, hiring a seasoned producer for a full-band album will cost significantly-more than hiring a junior producer for a simple acoustic track.

So, on average, how much is it to hire a music producer?

Using the data gathered from our network of freelance music producers, here are the ranges you can expect for a day’s work (7-8 hours):

Music Producer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-350$350-500

Here are the price ranges in GBP:

Music Producer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate£100-200£200-250£250-400

For a more-detailed overview of music producer rates on Twine, head over to our jobs board to browse current music production projects.

How much does it cost to record a song in a studio?

The cost of recording a song in a studio can be anything from a couple of hundred dollars, up to several thousand dollars.

Using the data collected from a network of US-based recording studios, the average price to record a song in a studio (excluding production costs) is $480.

How much does a recording engineer cost?

Using the data from our platform, here are the rates you can expect from a freelance recording engineer for a day’s work (7-8 hours):

Music Producer LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-350$350-500
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a music producer?

Great question!

Music producers are essentially project managers for recording-based projects. They work directly with the artist to navigate the recording process and ensure the finished recording is the best it can possibly be.

A producer’s duties will typically include:

  • Planning all logistical aspects of the recording process
  • Serving as the middleman between the artist & engineer
  • Coaching the artist to perform at their very best
  • Making suggestions to the arrangement & song structure

Many freelance music producers are also well-versed in other relevant skills, such as:

  • Engineering
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Songwriting

Therefore, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing production process, be sure to include any additional skills you require in your project brief.

When hiring a creative, be sure to get a full overview of the videographer’s skills to determine whether or not you’ll need to hire additional personnel for your project (such as a director or a post-production engineer).

Why hire a music producer?

Here’s the deal:

After spending a significant amount of time writing a track from scratch… becomes impossible to hear it from an audience perspective.

Similarly, if you’re focussed on the logistical and technical aspects of the recording process…

...this can pull you out of the creative headspace you need to be in to produce a top-quality product.

A freelance music producer serves as a fresh set of ears on your track, providing the necessary guidance to take things from demo-level to a commercially-viable product.

With a producer handling the logistics, you’re able to focus solely on being the music, leading to a better-quality performance.

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