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Great experience. I found Marie & loved her animations.
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A great quality logo helped me raise even more money
The service is pivotal to any SME looking to hire creatives

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We have over 16,114 Creatives! Twine will help you find the perfect Creative for your adobe illustrator.

I see things - I make them move. I see things moving - I make them move smoother. My portfolio: _Website not available. Sign in:

Greetings! My name is Andrea Zevallos and I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and animator. I focus mostly on Pixel Art for videogames and other media, but I don't shy away from other art styles if necessary for the task.

I am a graphic design professional with more than 10 years of experience. I work in 2D animation, motion graphics, digital illustration and presentation design. --- _Website not available. Sign in: **Employment and project experience** Cheil (México) April 2019 - Currently working here Designer, Content Coordinator and Digital Tools. Responsible for developing content for the training area for SAMSUNG. Including all product areas, such as televisions, appliances and smartphones. In charge of generating content such as videos, presentations and brochures, among others. Also in charge of administrating digital tools and their content, such as applications and sales assistance tools for promoters. McKinsey & Company 2013-2018 Senior Graphic Designer. • Along with other colleagues, I developed a new team dedicated to video production and animation. Having access to a department that offered a new product, generated a great impact within the company. • I became the main animator to develop character animations and customer journeys in motion graphics, thus being able to create videos for important presentations by leading companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, oil and logistics among others. • Responsible for researching and applying new resources, such as plug-ins for our software or the use of new software for animation of characters like Adobe Character Animator. Leading the team on how to incorporate them into the animation process, and speeding up video production processes. • Established a vector-based digital illustration process that I shared with colleagues to accelerate the digital illustration process. Business Presentation Designer 2013-2015 • Responsible for transforming text and data presentations into more visual products, redesigning and adding images, icons, to create a more striking and adequate message, creating impact in presentations for major companies from various industries.

I'm a multi-disciplined graphic designer who loves experimenting with visual communication in every creative field and throughout every techniques. My design process is influenced by the italian design school of 60s and 70s principally based on the analysis of a design problem and the respective process to solve it through a continuous re-thinking.

I am a professional freelancer and offering my high-level professional services on this platform. You can order me for removal of your photo background or making new logo or tracing of your logos.i will make your raster image to vector image , You will receive high-quality technical drawings that respect the standards of your industry or the processes you intend to use to manufacture your PART or ASSEMBLY. We use professional-grade CAD software to produce these drawings and have several years of experience as drafters in various industries. Industrial Automation, Product Design, Aeronautics, Automotive. Best Regard Naveed ur rehman B-tech mechanical Islamabad campus Diploma of associate engineering TEVTA Lahore

I have over ten years of graphic design experience, designing everything from Tshirt designs, to print design, to ads for ad campaigns. I currently have been managing an ad campaign for both print and web for a local art supply franchise. I also have an agreement with a small print shop and can even aid in printing if needed. see more of my work at #photoshop #illustrator #illustration #comics #print #adobe #PDF #layout #color match #logos #business cards #brochures #booklets

Graduate graphic designer and animator with over 15 years of experience. My list of clients includes eBay, NBC, Toyota, McAfee, Chicago Bulls, Philip Morris International and Peace Corps among others. I love creating animated videos, branding, packaging, book and album covers as well as web designs.

I am a designer from India . I have worked on many graphical projects in various types and had made a lot of video , photoshop & logo designs. You can contact me freely . I have also uploaded many projects on my profile , So check them out once.

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Customer Stories

I'd definitely recommend Twine. Great service!

Anthony, CEO of BYMYGO


The redesign has taken our brand to the next level

Ed, CEO of Game Sessions


The service is pivotal to any SME looking to hire creatives

Greg, Director of Story Models Modeling Agency


A great quality logo helped me raise even more money

Christine, Director of Vazii - Dashikis for a cause


I can't believe how good quality the logo was!

Nik, Owner of Star Gladiator Personal Training


I'd definitely recommend Twine. Great service!

Anthony, CEO of BYMYGO


The redesign has taken our brand to the next level

Ed, CEO of Game Sessions

About Creative

To kick things off, choose what type of illustrator you need for your project.

Custom illustrators can be hired directly from the following pages:

  • Children’s book illustrators for hire
  • Comic illustrators for hire
  • Logo artists for hire
  • Designers for hire

Next, it’s time to start the hiring process:

Finding An Illustrator For Hire

Looking for illustrators might seem like a time-consuming affair.

Twine simplifies the process of looking for an illustrator by implementing a vetting process, matching clients to creatives through over 10 different criteria.

Here’s a quick overview of how to hire an illustrator using the platform:

  1. Post up a job, detailing the nature of your project
  2. Wait for illustrators to pitch on your brief
  3. Review your pitches and choose a candidate
  4. Negotiate your terms
  5. Sorted!
Tips For Writing Your Job Brief

Here’s an interesting statistic:

60% of pitches for jobs online have been abandoned due to the application’s length or complexity

Although Twine manually vets all pitches that a client receives, it’s really important to make sure your brief is clear and concise to maximize the volume of high-quality pitches you receive.

By posting a clear and concise brief for your illustration, freelance illustrators will be able to quickly gain an understanding of your project and determine if they’re a good match.

To maximize your chances of receiving high-quality pitches, make sure to include the following information within your job brief:

  • Who you are
  • What you require (and why)
  • The size & scope of your project
  • References of work you like
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • Deadline

If you’d like a more in-depth look at how to structure your project brief, check out our illustration project brief example.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Illustrator ?

The cost of hiring an illustrator will vary significantly from project to project.

For example, if you wanted to hire an illustrator for a children’s book, it would cost you a lot more than hiring a logo designer for a basic business logo.

Using the data from our network of freelance illustrators, here are the ranges you can expect for a day’s work (7-8 hours):

Illustrator LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate$150-250$250-500$500-1000

Here are the price ranges in GBP:

Illustrator LevelJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Day Rate£100-200£200-400£400-800
How much does it cost to get a book illustrated?

Using the data from our platform, book illustration can vary from $80 to $2,000. The average price of a book illustration on Twine is $546.67

How much do illustrators cost per image?

Cheap illustrations can cost as little as $20, whereas more expensive pieces can cost as much as $450. Using the data from our platform, the average cost per image on Twine is $68.93.

In general, the more images you require, the cheaper the cost per image will be.

If you’d like a more thorough overview of illustrator rates, head over to our freelance illustration marketplace to view current listings, alongside our network of custom illustrators for hire.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why hire an illustrator?

Here’s the thing:

As tempting as it might be to use stock art…

Your customers will spot it in an instant.

And do you know what they’ll think?

They’ll think you’ve taken shortcuts with your product.

You need an illustrator to produce original work if you want to showcase the time, effort and energy you’ve put into your work.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are three further advantages of commissioning original illustration work:

Retain creative autonomy

Working with stock art can force you to compromise on your product in order to make the artwork fit. Hiring a freelancer lets you tailor the art to your product.

Stand out from your competitors

90% of information processed by the brain is visual. An original, eye-catching illustration is an excellent way of setting yourself apart from the competition.

Keep your costs down

Top-quality stock art is expensive, with many providers locking you into an extensive subscription plan. An original illustration will not only be far-superior in quality, but often more cost-effective than stock art.

What are the advantages of hiring a freelance illustrator over an agency?

Great question!

Here are the top three advantages of hiring a freelance illustrator over an agency:

Price point

With office space, employee benefits and set working hours, agencies have high overheads factored into their costs. Hiring a freelancer cuts out the middleman and provides you with a top-quality result at an effective price point.


Top-notch illustrators will often start their careers at an agency before moving on to freelance work. This makes freelancers some of the most experienced & knowledgeable professionals in the game.


Most agencies target a broad market. Instead, many freelancers will specialize in a particular niche of illustration, such as children’s books or album artwork. This allows you to choose a professional who lives and breathes your particular project.

What are you waiting for?

Twine is one of the best freelance sites for illustrators. Post a job now and hire an artist online in a matter of hours. You can also take a look at freelance illustrator’s portfolios on the platform to see what our creatives have to offer.

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