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(KI&C) Kayak Investments & Co.
Graphic Designer
Budget $300.00
I want a very nice logo with either the logo being black or blue. I want my logo to be in the style of the IBM logo or the Berkshire Hathaway logo. Something simple but yet sleek. I would like you to make lot's of logos so I choose one I like and I will pay good money for this is be done. (Done corr
Posted 10 days agoExpires in 9 days
Linear logo
Graphic Designer
Budget $60.00
I need to make that logo into a file with no background (not sure what the file type is called) in Pantone color attached….so it can be used on business cards, website, invoices… I have image and color, just need to make a file In what capacity are you hiring? As an individual for a personal
Posted 10 days agoExpires in 7 days