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Web app for online booking of salon and spa services like

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Hi, my company is searching for developers that can make an Progresiv web app (PWA) for online booking of salon and spa services like or .
We are planig to run this project on specific markets (countrys) so it should be translatable.
Buisness idea: Bueaty salon and spa owners subscribe on our platform and get their own calendar app and profile on our site where the costumers can book ther services. There is no online payment for the costumer just the salon owners pay an monthly subscription fee to us. To reach more salon and spa owners there will be an referal program where influencers can join and get an percentage from the monthly subscription fee for recomending us.
What do we need for de MVP:
In the front end:

  1. Home page with search option (search by treatment category, location, date and time available)
  2. Costumer profile with social and e-mail log in where customers can add their info, check booked appointments, reschedule or cancel the appointments, add favorite salons, review the booked salon after the treatment, get notifications.
  3. Search results with filters, showing the results grid or list style, on map etc…
  4. Salon profile site with gallery, description, working time, location, web and social pages, reviews, listed services (service price, duration, category, name and description).
  5. Appointment booking of services at salon profile, with date and time slots.
    In the Back end we need 3 type of profiles:
  6. SUPER admin (for us, the owners of the app and our staff)
  7. Salon owner and staff member profile
  8. Referral partner Profile
    SUPER admin profile:
  9. list of all salons and spas registered to the site, their contact details, subscription details…
  10. List of all costumers adn ther contact details
  11. sales details, payment detail of the subscription,
  12. Ceating of service categories
  13. Creating of discount codes for subscription
  14. Sales details of the referal partners

  15. Salon owner and staff profile
  16. Sing up with a free trial, phone number and e-mail verification by sing up
  17. Add details to the salon site: Pictures, description, contact details, working hours and days, contact details and social media, service categories, services (category, duration, price), staff members (with names and pictures).
  18. Calendar site, with all the booked appointment and blocked times is the calendar, adding appointments manually, creating blocked times…
  19. Client list with their contact details, notes and detailed booking history at the salon
  20. Sales history and transaction summary and reports
  21. Notifications (push notification when someone books, cancels or reschedules an appointment)
  22. subscription details (when does it end, payment metodes…)
    The main thing on the salon owner profile is the calendar! This should work perfect like on the app!

Some other things to notice:
SEO – the web site has to be seo ready so we can add meta description, titles, etc…
It should work on mobile devices perfect like an native app
It should be secure of hacker attacks.
It should work offline and auto sync (the salon owner calendar)
It should be translatable (we will launch it in different markets)
Please send me an price for the work and the duration.
Feel free to contact me with Your questions!
Best regrads
Marko Maric

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Posted a year ago
based in Ljubuški, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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