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A 10-13 min 3D or 2d Animation Short Film on Sex Trafficking

3D Animation
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I’m a poet based in Chicago who creates spoken words that I create short films around. This time I want to create a 3d or 2d animation in the style of Pixar or ‘8 Crazy Nights’.

I intend on starting a Kickstarter campaign asap to raise money for pricing. I’ll need someone who can give me an estimate for the project and also comfortable sharing mockups along the way.

Do you have a job specification or creative brief?
The details of the film will be upon two women who share friendship in prison after getting locked up and the story of one will unfold as she reads these letters from those from her past. It’s ultiately a story on the timeline of American girls who get into sex trafficking and what their story is like.

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I need a freelancer who speaks English fluently and familiar with drawing African Americans.

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Posted 12 days ago
based in Oak Park, United States
Last online: 9 days ago

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