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Creative Videographer to film vibrant office centers in Oslo Oslo, Norway

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Videographer is needed in Oslo, Norway.

Project Overview
GH05T is a social media and video production agency based in London. We are representing the global flexspace provider IWG. IWG is the leading provider of hybrid working solutions with over 30 years of industry-leading experience and more than 3,500 locations worldwide. Their key brands are Spaces, Regus, Signature, The Wing and HQ.

The brief is for a videographer with a creative eye and friendly personality to visit 4-5 of their signature locations in Amsterdam to capture high-quality video and photography for the brands’ social media channels. The priority is for video content. There will be one hero location where the majority of the day will be spent and subsequent locations where highlights and best shots are to be quickly captured.

It’s important at the hero location to take time to introduce yourself and speak with the reception and other key staff members to quickly build a rapport that will help open more opportunities to capture unique content, even featuring some of these staff members if they are up for it.

While at the hero location, it’s important to introduce yourself to the receptionist and other key staff members. Quickly building this rapport will help open more opportunities to capture unique content, even including some of these staff members - if they wish to be featured.

A full day of filming/photographing will be required, with some light travel around the city to each location. 3-4 hours of the day should be at the hero location, with 1-2 hours at the remaining locations listed below, depending on how quickly you’re able to capture content. You should aim to capture footage/photography for 6-8 pieces of content from the hero locations, and for 2-3 pieces of content for each of the other locations.

You should aim to capture footage/photography for 6-8 pieces of content from the hero locations. While, at the other locations, aim to capture 2 - 3 pieces of content.

Locations: two Spaces locations in Oslo - more details to be provided.

Delivery Date: Visits will depend on your availability, but we aim to receive the footage/photographs by W/C 27th September.

What is required:
1 day of filming and capturing photo content using an iPhone, and any additional equipment you may have at hand (e.g. tripod, wide angle lens, etc).
Sending all of the raw footage and photography to GH05T via WeTransfer.
Someone who is friendly, personable and happy to speak with the center staff to make the most of the experience is desired.
Someone who is willing to be featured in some of the content, or has friends or contacts who are happy to tag along to be filmed is a plus.
Zoom chat with GH05T for a virtual “meet and greet” and project brief.
Guidelines and shot list to be provided.

Posted 3 months ago
based in Marslev, Denmark
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