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Need react.js developer

Web Developer
Budget $333.33
4 days left
Open job

Developer needs to create a demo application according to the requirements mentioned below, to get this job opportunity for long term:-

It will be a SPA (single page application) with dummy local data/json
The app will be a Mobile first experience only 320px to 480px responsive
The app will have minimum two screens; Listing & Details
There will be a sticky header & footer/floating action button during application scroll
Listing screen: long scrollable list with tabs on top & lazy loading DOM
Keyword based Search combined condition with filters
Navigate to details page and back (with listing navigation state retained)
UI/UX, Performance feedback will be given
Candidate can take as much time to revert on the SPA application- Example: a PhoneBook app; OR a News app; OR Any application with above features are fine

    • Candidate can also submit existing application with above features in case they have 100% created it themselves any other person involved
  • If required: we’ll share an Adobe XD phonebook/news app file with developer

We need quality code and work, in least possible time.

Quote your required time for this and start creating the demo application and share it asap.

After reviewing the test, we will recruit for monthly basis for long term.

our budget is 200-400$ per month

Posted a month ago
based in Durgapur, India
Last online: 25 days ago

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