Raƒi is an rapper from Miami, FL and a student at the University of Pennsylvania... "marking [his] existence with music" Contact: _Email not available. Sign in: https://www.twine.net/signup_WWW

Alex Rafi

Raƒi is an rapper from Miami, FL and a student at the University of Pennsylvania... "marking [his] existence with music" Contact: _Email not available. Sign in: https://www.twine.net/signup_WWWW


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Raƒi is an rapper from Miami, FL and a student at the University of Pennsylvania… “marking [his] existence with music”
Contact: Email not available. Sign in: https://www.twine.net/signup

    uniE603 Carousel [prod. BazillaBeats]
    Freebies. Comment. Share. Like. Critique. Do what you feel. Just be there. Lyrics: Hook Night walks over icy waters of a dreamworld. Daytime swimming through the gravel of the real Same time spending every dollar on a meal Same time sending every holler at the wheel / Watch us spin/ Carousel/ Carousel Spin, Verse 1: Night walks over icy waters of a dream world Day time swimming through the gravel of the real Travel down paths I only wished I had discovered Knowing everything's alright If I do better than my brothers Did/ blood of my blood/ Water and shade passing it up/ Probably die in a flood steady looking for a miracle/ to save me/ Spiritual beliefs Brenda never had a baby/ Parade these misconceptions of a life still suggested by the right and the left/ angel and adulteress/ tangled in my culture's mess/ Always dressing for success/ stepping out in straight jackets/ My own lane/ no brackets/ some call it tragic/ I call it habit. I'm just a rabid rabbi rapping/ a scholar savage slacking/ just a brainy bum blasting/ Holes in the sky whenever my eyes lie mad cause we all die/ but someone's glad that the cross flies/ HOOK Verse 2: Nighttime wading through the sheets of the sleep fields Day struggles over burning coals I can feel Play box open/ all the joys you can steal/ When the toys lose their seal then they're fresh fruit with missing peels/ How deep are your feels/ creeping through Power Rangers and Big Wheels/ stead of hangers and thick heels/ in a den of rancorous chicks/ who fuck real/ Real as fuck/ cinema flaming up/ Made cuts that the Mages trust….I’m the Sage of dust with a raging gust Stow away each bust in the planet's crust breathe life in particular particles of the articles I'm charging through. Not hard to do for me/ the marvels drawn from Rafi -- have nothing to do with Stan lee Confessionals lead to stampedes/ Perceptions of life--O-D. Holes in the sky eyes bleed/ Though we all die...Holy/ Ghosts in the finest film/ a silent hill/ that rattles like a poltergeist/ Minds locked up planning heists / aware punishment is Hosanna's right Holes in the sky whenever My eyes light (fight)/ mad we all die but some are glad that the cross flies/ #audio #Hip Hop #Rap #Hip #Hop #Miami #305 #Carousel #Cereal #Serial #Rap #Native #Beats #crinkles #cereal #clownsWW
    uniE603 Warped Tours
    A song that was recovered from my wiped hard drive (thank God for the cloud). Originally slated for a project called Darth Mall, it's now a loosie, no fairy tail. Lyrics below: I'm just a rapper not an activist/ I just practice having active lips/ Having quips with systems/ Have you heard of this one/ Suburban boy gripping/ The mic and more/ These are the warped tours Arctic waters couldn't freeze me I'm a monster/ Four eye fire black cyclops correcting posture/ Learn to stand up/ yo hands up why? Cause when your hands stay low you either die/ Or make a child cry/ Probably ruin life start a ruined right/ The ruins of rue-in a white girls eyes/ No sympathy/ black scholars tell it straight no diggity/ The rest running the maze so diggory/docking this flow/ Boat never/ no care whether weather is hard core or sending bitties to the shore ever/ Lasting/ Could spend a whole forty days fasting and still couldn't touch me with your rapping/ I'm just a rapper not an activist/ I just practice having active lips/ Having quips with systems/ Have you heard of this one/ Suburban boy gripping/ The mic and more/ Catch the king of the rhinestone rooftops/ Rich have diamonds poor call it boondocks/ Broken sandals and dress socks/ Brunches black paint on a red smock/ Righteous with a mouth full of Ham hocks/ Man locked/ At the bottom of the map where the sands hot/ Some thought it was an act but I'm backed by the hand that is never staged/ Producing the truest glory/ wild stories/ Earned the right to play so don't warn me/ Bout a better direction/ learn lines for my own protection/ The only reason to rhyme is the questions/ I'm still not deft in/ But you get left in the box like the fertilized egg or Christmas gift socks/ Me/ a sick dog/ feverish in the carriage of rickshaw/ Mouth full of Ghirardelli squares/ difference is here/ the only claps are cheers/ We're the plants that grow in the same pots/ grass roots till the lane stops/ then we change spots/ From the city of the uncle and daddy/ I'm the black sheep of the family/ A cult leader/ with a liter of coke/ and a fifth of rum/ pleading fifths for fun/ A tremendous son/ just a blend of pun, yassin, Raised in a field where shots scream/ get faded/ #audio #Dark Rap #Hip #Hop #Art #Rap #ClassicalMusicSample #Miami #DoubleTimeFlowWW
    uniE603 Sorrow (instrumental)
    Inspired by loneliness...Raƒi X Merced Phoe. Mixing by Raƒi. A RaFunction. A Phoenym. Music. #audio #cloudrap #Instrumental #Hip #Hop #emo #rap #emo #hop #sadness #sad #rap #loneliness #Phoenym #rafunction #rafi #mercedphoe #305CANS #CANSMIAMIWW
    uniE603 Up (Jam)
    First track of the school year. Produced, written, recorded, and mixed by me. Features an audio snippet from the movie Anna Lucasta (1958) starring Eartha Kitt and Sammie Davis Jr. Lyrics: Hook: Sippin' moonstone, rapping to beats In the 215, and we're feeling the heat Hands up and get on your feet (hands up) Hands up, now get on your feet Verse: Let's get it poppin like the cork on the new year/ who's here? The Liminal linguist with cold beers/ Fresh brews/ fresh chews/ fresh bars/ a step too close cause we down to Mars/ Down to stars/ a dreamer looking up/ got the shades on/ Fresh paint don't touch cause it stays on/ Away from the common sense I'm resurrecting/ but first I need a dollar for the checking/ we're stepping out/ Old shoes still cool calm collected/ black palms projected/ cause we having a blast/ Parties for casts/ parties for class/ parties for bodies/ might jam for a glass/ Cool/ this is a race to beat the clock ya know/ You might pound down shots till you drop for sho I might sound too down for the liq to take you over/ hold up/ if you don't want to be sober/ don't be a poser/ We post up/ edibles/ fat sticks/ & solos/ Toast up/ captain/ champagne/ moscato/ Host those/ late nights/ it's time to get the taste right/ it ain't right/ we old enough to mix it all down tight/ Dark henny to crown/ if light ain't ya taste/ Hate to waste alcohol/ scholars get it face to face/ Waist to waist/ hand to hand/ buck to buck/ Only got one life/ and we're living it up/ yup/ Hook #audio #Hip Hop #Art #Rap #305WW
    uniE603 POWER (Prayer) [prod. SURAJ]
    Another new track off of the upcoming Sketchbook mixtape. This one's produced by SURAJ. Lyrics: https://www.twine.net/signin #audio #Hip Hop #Rap #Miami #Rap #Miami #Hip #Hop #godfearingbutnothearing #hiphopsavedmylife #rapismyfavoritethingtodo #conspiracytheoriesinrapmusic #quasipolitical #antisystemicsoundsWW
    uniE603 Lazy [prod. Merced Phoe]
    A verbal sketch about images. Mixed by Raƒi, produced by Merced Phoe for RaFunction Productions. Keep an open mind. Lyrics: https://www.twine.net/signin #audio #Rap #Hip #Hop #Miami #Abstract #AesopRockish #305CANS #Sketchbook #Sketches #RaFunction #RafiWW

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