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DJ GREGA - Techno Dj/Producer/Live act/Remixer
He is one of the best oldschool Hungarian Techno and Classic Techno Dj/Producer/Live act, since 1994.
He was the resident dj at Supersonic Technicum underground club 1999-2004.
The Supersonic Technicum was the first and best hungarian techno club (1999-2005) where was techno events every weekend on Budapest. He played together with The Advent live and Billy Nasty on Hungary (Hype energy drink events-1996) and then Grega wanted more Techno parties on Hungary! He played more Techno club and Techno events on Hungary…
Grega playing with 3 turntables (vinyl) or 3 cd player Classic and New techno style and playing in live acts!
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Grega in live acts:
-G-tone (Techno)
-Alpha Rhytmika (deep and dark tech)

  • Grega Live! (Techno, Hard-Techno)

Grega played together with international djs:
Andy Slate, Alexander Koning, The Advent, Adam Beyer,
Balthazar, Billy Nasty, Dj Boss, Cristian Varela, Christian Smith, Dejan Milicevic, Delano, Electric Indigo, Eric Fischer, Felippe, Gayle San, Gaetano Parisio, Henrik B. , Jorro, James Ruskin, Leo Lycra, Living Fx /Mc Mars & Spot/, Luke Slater, Matthew Bell, Marco Carola, Monika Kruse, Misjah, Man at arms, Treplec, Marco Bailey, Marko Nastic, Patrik Skoog, Rino Cerrone, Rokis, Slobodan, Samuel L.Session, Space dj’z, Speedy J., Thomas Krome, Toby Izui, Toky, Tommy de Clerque, Glenn Wilson, Michael Burkat, Torsten Kanzler, dj Rush , Marco Remus, Pet duo, Fatima Hajji, Niereich, Angy Kore, Viper xxl, Du’ Art…

Released tracks:

  1. Abstrax & djGrega - welcome to starlight (breakbeat remix)/House Bomba (Hungaroton)
  2. Abstrax & dj Grega feat. Sylvie – on the other side /E-Play generation compilation v.a.
  3. Abstrax & dj Grega - logic (Universal Music)
  4. X-ion aka. Grega & abstrax - nitro / Hungarian truck at loveparade / (Universal Music)
  5. Abstrax & dj Grega - Rahmayana / True sound of freee magazin vol.1.(freee mag. cd extra)
  6. released on promo vinyl for dj’s:
    -Dj Grega - the mission complete
    -Dj Grega - strike
    -G-tone - minimalism pt.1.
  7. Dj Grega & Istian – Monkeyparade / Budapest parade 2003 CD (Recordexpress)
  8. Dj Grega & Istian – Nectar / Budapest parade compillation v.a. (Recordexpress)
  9. Dj Grega & Istian – Cloud logic / Hungarian techno only vol.1. (Freee magazin cd extra)
  10. Dj Grega & Istian – Wakazashi / Hungarian techno only vol.2. (Freee magazin cd extra)
  11. Dj Grega & Istian – Manual attack (parade edit) / Budapest parade 2005 CD (C.L.S. Rec.)
  12. Alexsession and Somi – Soul photographia (Grega and Ishtee remix) (Explodelabient rec.)
  13. Alpha Rhytmika aka. Grega - Retina E.P. (Audioexit records)
  14. Warped & Neville - Out of controll / Alpha Rhytmika remix / (Resorted records)
  15. Alpha Rhytmika – Fitter / 5 years audioexit records compilation v.a. (Audioexit rec.)

More trax:

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  1. Grega & Istian – Storm (NPR Limitless rec.)
  2. Grega & Istian – Candyman is Back again (NPR Limitless rec.)
  3. Grega & Istian – Julius (NPR Limitless rec.)
  4. Grega & Istian – Zero hour (NPR Limitless rec.)
  5. Grega & Assilem – Love shine true (NPR Limitless rec.)
  6. Grega & Assilem – Diving (NPR Limitless rec.)
  7. Grega – Elevated Mood (Resorted Limited)
    and more on beatport…


Beats, Master, Mix, Soundtrack

Experience Level

    uniE603 Bernathy - Good Vibes - Grega Tech Live & Long Remix
    Bernathy - Good Vibes the original theme and here is the new remix from Dj Grega(Techno dj/producer/remixer)This is a Live version (long version)... E...
    uniE603 Tobias Lueke - Dominate (Grega Remix)- Naughty Pills Records Remix Contest
    Tobias Lueke aka. O.B.I. - Dominate /GREGA REMIX!/ It's a Hard Techno remix! Enjoy! #audio #Hard Techno...
    uniE608 Grega & Assilem - Khalidancer /Grega Rework/ coming soon @ Infinite records
    A new Banging Techno track from Hungarian Techno Live act duo Grega & Assilem... Enjoy! #audio #TechnoIndustrial...
    uniE603 Grega & Assilem - Ghost Castle.mp3
    Grega & Assilem new brainstorming Techno track! Enjoy! #audio #Techno...
    uniE603 GREGA - Remember? Classic Theme(welcome to the Groove club) preview-coming soon @ Infinite rec.
    Here is DJ GREGA new classic techno style track! This track is member for REMEMBER? Classic Techno events on Hungary... #audio #TechnoIndustrial...
    uniE603 Grega&Assilem - Hard -A- Tech/ Preview-coming soon @ Infinite records
    New Hard Techno style track from Hungarian Techno Live act duo GREGA & ASSILEM... Enjoy! #audio #TechnoHard #Hardtechno #TechnoIndustrial...
    uniE603 Hawk - Soldier (Grega Remix)out now 2015.03.09. at Infinite Records
    New Banging Techno remix from Dj Grega... #audio #Techno...
    uniE603 Grega - Broken Beat (preview) released 2015.04.05 @ Ravencroft Records
    The new Techno EP. second track from Dj Grega (Hungary) #audio #Techno #Hardtechno...
    uniE603 Grega - Wargame Master ( preview )- released 2015.04.05. @ Ravencroft records
    Here is the new Hard-Techno track from Dj Grega (Hungary)... #audio #Techno #Hardtechno...
    uniE603 Grega - Zebras On Hungary - preview - coming soon @ Infinite Rec.
    The Hungarian Techno-Hardtechno-Industrial Dj/Producer GREGA new Banging Classic Techno style Track... Enjoy! #audio #TechnoIndustrial...
    uniE603 Grega & Assilem - Deep In Sweden.mp3
    Grega & Assilem new sunday morning drive on style track... #audio #Deep Techno #Deep #house...
    uniE603 Grega & Assilem - Workingclass (original)out 20141208 on NPRLTS0093
    The Hungarian Techno duo Grega & Assilem new WORKING CLASS EP. coming soon on NPRLimitless rec. 1. Grega & Assilem - workingclass, 2. Grega & Assil...

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